Three types of female fatigue

According to medical experts, the body’s feeling of fatigue varies from person to person, and women’s fatigue is three times that of men. Female fatigue is often related to “three deficiencies”, that is, iron deficiency fatigue, alkali deficiency fatigue and vitamin deficiency fatigue.

deficiency iron sexual fatigue:

Medical research has found that mild iron deficiency anemia is characterized by easy fatigue, decreased concentration, fear of cold, decreased resistance, etc. In order to maintain a slim figure or smooth skin, many women often refuse to eat meat, and often eat vegetables, fruits, melons and so on to satisfy their hunger. Such a diet can not supply enough iron, and it is easy to bring fatigue to the body. Therefore, for a normal woman, it is necessary to eat 100g of red meat such as beef, mutton and lean pork every day. These meat can help women to maintain full energy and do not affect their good shape. Melon seeds, hazelnuts, sesame and other nuts are rich in iron, which is also good for health.

alkali deficiency fatigue:

Many female friends often have physical fatigue, memory loss, backache, leg pain, dizziness, insomnia, constipation and other symptoms for no reason, but they can’t find anything wrong when they go to the hospital. In fact, this is caused by acidic constitution. The body fluid of healthy people should be weakly alkaline, with a pH value between 7.35 and 7.45, but poor living habits will gradually change the constitution into acid. To change the “acid” constitution, we should first exercise more. Sweat will take away a large amount of acidic substances in the body and adjust the acid-base balance. Secondly, eat more “alkali” foods, such as kelp, white radish, tofu, red beans, soybeans, apples, onions, tomatoes, spinach, bananas, etc. People usually think that sour things are acidic foods, such as grapes, strawberries, lemons, etc. in fact, these things are typical alkaline foods.

lack of vitamins sexual fatigue:

Vitamin B1 deficiency or deficiency often makes people feel weak, so eating more vitamin B1 can eliminate fatigue. Foods rich in vitamin B1 include animal offal, meat, mushrooms, yeast, garlic and so on. Vitamin B2 deficiency or deficiency, muscle weakness, decreased endurance, and easy fatigue. Foods rich in vitamin B2 include animal viscera, river crabs, eggs, milk, soybeans, peas, broad beans, peanuts, laver, yeast, etc. Timely supplementation of vitamin C when there is a large amount of physical labor can improve muscle endurance and accelerate physical recovery. Foods rich in vitamin C include green pepper, red pepper, cauliflower, bitter gourd, rape, Chinese cabbage, sour jujube, fresh jujube, hawthorn, red fruit, strawberry, etc.

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