Correct posture can improve back pain and reduce stomach

With the advent of spring, people gradually take off their heavy winter clothes and change into light spring clothes. As the clothes become thinner, people’s posture becomes clearer. Will you be obsessed with your sagging hips and protruding abdomen, showing a decadent old posture? It’s not difficult to change your posture. From today on, correct your standing and sitting posture, and you can get a young posture!

The human spine is a whole. From the cervical vertebra, the spine to the lumbar vertebra, if there is a problem with the posture of one part, it will lead to problems with the spine as a whole. If the cervical spine is distorted, it is easy to cause the distortion of the back and pelvis at the same time, forming a hunchback, sagging waist and hip, and protruding abdomen. This posture looks very old for both men and women.

So, why do people have spinal problems? Here, first of all, I want to ask a question: how long do people spend with their heads down playing with their smartphones, iPads and other mobile appliances every day? According to a Japanese survey, readers spend an average of 2.6 hours a day playing with their heads down on their mobile phones. Many experts pointed out that “the posture of holding their heads down and using their mobile phones has proved to be one of the main reasons for the distortion of the whole body.”

This is because when a person sits with his head down and plays with his mobile phone, his whole body leans forward, and his head and neck keep a bent posture for a long time. Once this posture lasts for a long time, the cervical spine will become unable to recover its original radian, leading to bone distortion, which will lead to chain reactions, causing people to have hunchbacks, pelvic bone distortion and other symptoms.

In addition to lowering your head to play with your mobile phone, there are many wrong postures that can easily lead to spine bending. Let’s take a look. Do you also have these dangerous signals that can easily lead to body bending?

□ I will bow my head to play with my mobile phone in the bus and subway

□ sedentary, working with the computer

□ exercise less than once a week

□ stiff shoulder and neck muscles

□ often stay in bed and can’t get up

□ low back pain

□ I often feel my back arched

If you have only one item, then your risk of spinal curvature is already high; If you count the body weight, you should be alert. Your spine may have been bent.

simple actions help you keep in good shape

If you want to have a good posture, do you need to go through complex exercises? Japanese experts pointed out that some simple actions in life can help us maintain good posture, of course, the focus is on persistence. One Japanese netizen once reduced his lower abdomen circumference by 6.5cm in a week, and his prominent lower abdomen was obviously taken back! Simple ways include standing with your back close to the wall for 10 minutes every day, lying on your stomach and lifting your hands and feet on the bed to do boat type exercises. In addition, people who use more electronic products can also massage their faces more, exercise every day, do yoga and other body softness exercises.

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