Watch out for toilet becoming a time bomb

millions of defective toilets were recalled

According to a recent report by the New York Daily News of the United States, China’s Consumer Product Safety Commission has received 304 complaints about toilet explosions since 2011, of which 14 consumers were injured, some fingers were injured, and some were injured on the face and chest. The third generation pressurized flushing system 503 produced by Sloan flushmate company in the United States is used for the problem toilets. The toilet products produced by well-known American toilet brands such as Kohler, American Standard, gobo and Accor from 1997 to 2008 may have potential safety hazards of explosion and injury due to the use of defective accessories.

It is understood that the problem parts are widely used in the United States. Since June this year, the company has recalled millions of defective parts in the United States. In Canada, about 9000 toilets were “implicated”.

According to the staff of rashmet’s Beijing office, the fourth generation product 504 series of the company is used in the Chinese market. The technical indicators of the two series of products are different, and the fourth generation does not need to be recalled. In addition, the toilet brand companies involved also conducted self inspections. American Standard and Kohler both recently issued statements that the toilet products in the Chinese market do not use this batch of defective accessories.

toilet bursts have also occurred in China.

Rashmet said that when the recalled toilet flushing system releases air pressure, it may cause the water tank cover to be flushed open or even the water tank to burst. It is reported that the pressurized flushing system is a pneumatic flushing device. When the water tank is filled with water, the raised water surface is used to compress the air stored inside. Pneumatic flushing is like a “pushing” force, which has a higher flushing rate and saves water than traditional flushing devices. However, if the weld of the water supply pipe cracks when the air pressure is released, the water tank will become a powerful “bomb” in an instant. The device is likely to break through the water tank cover and explode the toilet in pieces, threatening personal safety.

Xie Xin, Secretary General of the sanitary ware special committee of the all China Federation of industry and commerce, pointed out that since July last year, the sanitary ware special committee has begun to investigate the toilet products of mainstream brands in the industry, and so far no such problem parts have been found. The design concept of domestic water-saving toilet is mainly to use siphon principle to save water through water pipe equipment, without external pressurization equipment, which generally does not cause such bursting problems.

There have also been many toilet burst accidents in China, mainly because the strength of the solid part of the toilet is not enough. Qualified toilet products should be fired at 1200 ℃ for about 20 hours. Some inferior products have a short firing time and a smooth surface, but in fact they do not have sufficient strength. Once the water pressure to flush the toilet is large, it may burst.

In addition to the brand of rashmet, there are also domestic enterprises producing and selling pneumatic flushing devices, most of which are used in the toilets of hotels and restaurants. Zhao Gang, director of the plumbing Inspection Department of the national building materials hardware plumbing inspection center, said that in 2011, China promulgated the national standard “pressure flushing device for sanitary ware and toilet”, which involves the relevant inspection standards for pneumatic flushing devices. Therefore, the products produced after this are qualified after testing, and generally there will be no burst problem.

users can conduct self inspection or maintenance.

If you are still worried about the safety of the toilet at home, you can check it yourself or ask a professional to overhaul it. Generally speaking, the toilet water tank using the air pressure flushing device is a closed container. The whole toilet is connected. During flushing, a stream of air pressure will be formed from top to bottom to wash away the dirt, and then a small stream of clean water will be ejected from the inner tank wall.

Choose products that are heavier and have a clear sound. Because of the high temperature during firing, high-quality toilets meet the requirements of all porcelain, and the weight is heavy. The firing temperature of medium and low-grade toilets is low, the firing time is short, and the weight is light. Tap the toilet gently. If the voice is hoarse and unclear, it means that the product is not cooked, which may lead to potential safety hazards.

Purchase famous brands and keep the bills. When the toilet uses a pneumatic flushing device, it needs to use a sealed water tank. It is difficult for consumers to judge the quality of the toilet by themselves when shopping. It is necessary to keep the bills to lay a foundation for future rights protection.

The glaze shall be smooth, uniform and free from peeling. According to the national standard, the internal and external pipes of the toilet should be sealed with ceramic glaze to avoid hiding dirt and smelling. In particular, you should touch the inner corner. If the glaze is thin, uneven and rough, the toilet will leak more in the future.

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