What kind of food can remove freckles? What food can remove freckles

Freckle removal is an important aspect of beauty. How to remove freckles? Which foods have the effect of removing freckles?

Once there are spots, it is not easy to eliminate them. In addition to using some skin care products that can remove freckles, some foods in daily life also have the effect of removing freckles. Which foods can remove freckles?

1。 Dried persimmon

Ingredients: proper amount of dried persimmon.

Eating method: take it every day, and it will be effective if you eat it for a long time.

Efficacy: moisten the heart and lungs, remove black spots, apply to facial black spots and freckles.

2。 Eat milk paste

Ingredients: 30g walnut kernel, 300g milk, 200g soymilk, 20g black sesame, and proper amount of white sugar.

Method: first grind walnuts and black sesame seeds in a small mill, then mix them with milk and soybean milk, boil them in a pot, and then add sugar to taste them; When boiling, add raw eggs and cook while stirring.

How to eat: eat 1 small bowl in the morning and 1 small bowl in the evening. It can be eaten frequently.

Efficacy: moisturize and beautify the skin. Suitable for chloasma and wrinkled skin.

3。 Drink “lotion”

Ingredients: 100g Sydney, 200g sugarcane, 300g grape and 100g honey.

How to do it: wash Sydney, sugarcane and grape, stir the juice to remove the dregs, mix with honey, bottle and set aside.

How to eat: eat 10ml in the morning and 10ml in the evening, mixed with boiling water.

Efficacy: clearing lung heat, nourishing five organs and six viscera. It is applicable to dark face, black spot and freckle.

4。 Eat Coix congee

Ingredients: 1 pair of pig kidney, 100g of yam, 200g of Japonica rice, 50g of Coix seed and proper amount of water

How to do it: remove the fascia and Sao gland of the pig kidney, chop it, wash it, cook it into porridge with peeled and chopped yam, japonica rice, coix seed and water over a low fire, and add seasonings to taste it.

How to eat: eat in separate meals.

Efficacy: it has the effect of nourishing the kidney and skin. Suitable for skin with color spots and black spots.

5。 Drink Hawthorn

Ingredients: drink hawthorn and orange peel in proper amount;

How to do it: Boil hawthorn and orange peel together with water, let them cool, use gauze to filter the residue, take the juice and add honey.

How to eat: drink regularly.

Efficacy: remove black spots. It is suitable for black spots and freckles on the face.

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