Can you lose weight by running? Why can’t you lose weight by running

Some people can quickly see the effect of losing weight through running, but some people are obviously running to lose weight, but they always shout that running to lose weight is ineffective and they can’t lose weight at all. Can you lose weight by running?

For many people today, life is more wonderful when it is late at night. In the middle of the night, I especially like to go to the night market and eat supper. I stay up all night. Finally, I find that my weight is soaring at a speed visible to the naked eye. I don’t want to say that my body is out of shape, but it also brings a lot of physical problems.

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Many people decided to make changes after they realized this problem, giving up the wonderful night life, giving up the night snack stalls, and determined to lose weight through running. Then many people devote one hour or more to running every day, working hard and determined. But while they insist, they also have questions: is it effective to lose weight by running every day? When can I get thinner?

How do you answer this question? In fact, some people have succeeded in slimming down through running, while some people have not changed at all, and their weight is even rising. The same way of exercise has completely different results. What is the problem? From the energy consumed by running, running for one hour every night can definitely achieve the effect of losing weight.

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However, there are also some factors that invisibly block the success of weight loss, such as running without controlling diet. Eating and drinking while exercising, drinking carbonated drinks and milk tea, eating hot fried food and barbecue, and eating the calories consumed by running without restraint. It is definitely ineffective to lose weight. That’s why I don’t lose weight even though I run every day.

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So when some people preach that running to lose weight is ineffective, don’t be misled. They don’t lose weight because they are not self disciplined, not for other reasons. If you want to lose weight by running, you should take action! You can see the effect of slimming down by adjusting your diet while running.

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