How to use fruits and vegetables to remove freckles is actually very simple. How to use fruits and vegetables to remove freckles

Eggplant freckle removal:

First, let’s see how fresh eggplant can remove freckles. Eggplant is very good at dealing with freckles, which many people don’t know. In fact, the usage is super simple. Choose fresh eggplant, cut the eggplant into small pieces with a knife, and wipe the freckles on the face until it is red. Then wash the residual vegetable juice with water. Persist for a period of time, and the freckles on both cheeks will disappear imperceptibly and become beautiful apple faces again. The strongest natural berry polyphenol freckle remover. The coveted berry polyphenol has super freckle removing effect, but it is not easy to get, so you can choose the “berry polyphenol freckle remover” product for daily skin care.

Vegetable juice freckle removal:

Most of the time, spots are the deposition of melanin, and the spots are generally acidic, so to remove spots, after washing your face, you can pat your face with some green vegetable juice. The chlorophyll contained in the vegetable juice is absorbed by the skin to make it neutral. Watermelon contains yellow, green and red elements. It is a “complete” nutrient that can make your skin white and transparent.

Radish spot removing and whitening:

Fresh radishes also have the functions of freckling, whitening, moisturizing and moisturizing. We can wash radishes and squeeze juice. After washing our face in the morning and evening, we can pat the juice on our face.

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