What skin care products are good for newborn babies? What skin care products are good for babies

The baby’s skin is very delicate, and the ability to resist dry environment is poor, so parents should do a good job in skin care for the baby every day. Cleaning, moisturizing and sunscreen are the key points of baby moisturizing. Newborn skin care is mainly through nursing to prevent the baby from peeling, erythema, bleeding spots, yellowing, chestnut rash and other phenomena.

What skin care products do newborns use

Besides feeding, a lot of daily work of caring for newborn babies is to keep babies clean. Skin is the largest organ of the baby’s whole body. It can protect the baby from various external stimuli, regulate body temperature, act as a protective layer to prevent the invasion of harmful bacteria, and protect other important organs in the body. Only healthy skin can play its normal function. Compared with adults, the baby’s skin is very different in function or structure. In particular, the thickness of the baby’s skin is generally about one third thinner than that of adults.

Therefore, from the moment of birth, the baby’s skin is different from that of adults, and needs special careful and comprehensive care and care, mainly manifested in prevention, in order to prevent trouble. The baby’s skin is delicate. Even if his own physiological function is excretion and salivation, it will cause irritation and skin erosion. If you don’t clean the skin around the mouth corner in time after feeding, you will have a rash over time. Therefore, we can clean your face with soft wipes after each feeding, and then apply baby moisturizer (lotion) to keep your skin moist.

On the other hand, because the baby’s lacrimal gland is not well developed, it is easy to be infected, so when washing the baby’s hair, you can choose the baby’s special baby shampoo, so that the baby doesn’t have to be afraid of washing his hair; When the weather is hot, babies are easy to get dirty, especially in the folded parts such as armpits and shins. At this time, it is necessary to take a bath frequently. When bathing for the baby, put an appropriate amount of baby shower gel into the bath tub, and then gently put the baby into the water to thoroughly clean its skin, which can also avoid the worry of excessive water. After bathing, a layer of natural protective film is left, so that the baby can enjoy the fun of bathing; After bathing, apply baby talcum powder to absorb the moisture from the body, keep it fresh and dry, and prevent the appearance of prickly heat.

In the busy urban life, many mothers choose paper diapers for their babies in order to make it convenient for them to go out and save time and energy for washing diapers. At this time, they need to do a good job of caring for the skin on their hips. The stimulation of urine can easily make the skin of the buttocks red and swollen. In order to reduce the occurrence of red buttocks, it is necessary to wipe the small buttocks with skin care soft wipes when changing diapers, and then apply a thin layer of baby buttock protection cream to isolate the direct stimulation of urine and urine to the baby’s skin and prevent diaper rash; For such delicate skin of infants, it is very important to choose which skin care products. There are many skin care brands and types in the market at present, and special skin care products designed for infants are preferred.

What kind of skin is the healthiest for newborns

The skin of healthy full-term newborns is ruddy and smooth. There is a little fetal fat on the surface of some skin, a little fetal hair on the back of the shoulder, and abundant fat under the skin. Some babies even have rough and dry skin in the first few days after birth, even peeling

The skin of premature infants at birth looks very thin and tender, like coagulated fat, transparent and red; The skin is shiny and edema may occur; There is much fetal fat and hair on the skin surface; The subcutaneous fat is thin, but there is more fetal fat, like the cream on the cream cake we often eat. Fetal fat looks sticky. It is formed by sebum secreted by sebaceous glands and exfoliated epidermal cells. It can protect the skin, prevent infection and keep warm. It is gradually absorbed by the skin after birth. Generally, do not wash or wipe it with water, as it may weaken the protective and warm function of fetal fat on the skin, and it is easy to damage the skin and even induce infection. However, if the fetal fat is thick behind the ears, under the armpits or other wrinkles, it can be gently wiped off with boiled and cooled sesame oil, soybean oil and other vegetable oils or baby skin cleaning cream with special skin care after 6 hours.

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