Can milk and white vinegar whiten? Can milk and white vinegar whiten

We all know that one white covers one hundred ugly. Every woman wants her skin to be white, shiny and elastic. Whitening is a state of skin that can be changed. There are even many stories about whitening circulating on the Internet that make people believe. In fact, some are rumors. Don’t blindly believe them. Not only can they not whiten, but they will hurt the skin.

What are the rumors about whitening?

1. Drinking milk can whiten the skin

Milk contains vitamin B and SOD enzymes, which have whitening effects. Vitamin B can promote skin metabolism and SOD enzymes, and can remove free radicals from the body to achieve whitening effects. However, because the content of these substances that can really whiten the body is not high, it needs to drink a lot of milk to achieve the effect. Generally speaking, drinking milk can not whiten.

2. Pearl powder can whiten

Pearl powder is a substance on the surface of pearls. Most of the ingredients contained in it are calcium carbonate, about 10% of which are whitening ingredients. However, these whitening ingredients are difficult to absorb by the skin in general, so it is not advisable to whiten with pearl powder. The reason why pearl powder can whiten is that the calcium carbonate inside is white. Applying pearl powder is equivalent to applying calcium carbonate to the face, and applying a layer of white pigment manually. After washing the pearl powder, the skin will return to its original appearance.

3. Rice washing water can whiten

Washing your face with Taomi water can achieve the whitening effect, which is not practical. Although there are minerals and vitamins in Taomi water, they have no effect on skin whitening. The reason why the skin turns white after washing is that starch remains on the face, and the skin will recover its original color after washing with clean water.

4. Applying cucumber can whiten the skin

Cucumber also has a lot of water that can help the skin to hydrate. Using cucumber as a facial mask can make the skin moist, but it can’t help whiten, so whether eating cucumber or applying cucumber facial mask has no whitening effect.

5. White vinegar can whiten your face

White vinegar washing and whitening is also a common rumor at present. The acetic acid contained in white vinegar is corrosive. Washing your face with white vinegar for a long time will only make the cuticle thinner. A long time will not only have no whitening effect, but also easily lead to various skin problems, such as red blood and allergy.

Warm tip: if you want to whiten your skin, you can start with some daily skin care actions and use whitening products when your skin is tolerant. In addition, you should do a good job of sunscreen when you go out every day to avoid skin pigmentation caused by ultraviolet rays, which leads to skin darkening. Moreover, remove makeup and wash the skin with facial cleanser every day to prevent makeup from blocking pores and causing dull skin, making the skin darker and darker.

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