What boxing routines does Wing Chun boxing include

The boxing routines of Wing Chun boxing include “have a little idea”, “seek a bridge”, “mark finger three boxing” and “wooden man pile”. The basic techniques are mainly three side hands, and there are also filing hands, lifting hands, breaking rows of hands, sinking bridges, and sticky hitting. The main steps are Siping horse, Sanzi horse, chasing horse, kneeling horse and independent step. It is a kind of boxing that combines internal boxing and close fighting. It requires the integration of hand, waist, horse, heart, intention and strength.

It emphasizes that “mind” directs “intention” and “intention” guides the movement of hands, waist and horses, so as to form a whole. It is based on actual combat and has the main characteristics of changeable moves, flexible application, flexible fists, short bridges and narrow horses, and good at making an inch of strength. It uses the techniques of big flashing, small tilting, ploughing and blocking, sticking, touching, stroking, memorizing the situation, and bending the hands to stay in the middle. It is marked by the body and footwork of “two character pincers Yang horse” such as catching, cutting, sinking, marking, arm, wrist and finger, sticking, touching, ironing, stealing, leaking.

The key point of Wing Chun boxing lies in the small idea of getting started. This routine is short and concise, easy to learn and practice. But what I am worried about is that beginners must not despise it because it is simple and easy to learn. It is more like a gourd painting a ladle, without seeking a clear understanding, and closing their eyes to deceive themselves. On the contrary, because it is short and easy to practice, it is more suitable for beginners to practice, and will not take too much time. It is convenient for you to gradually increase your weight and improve your exercise volume. Every move of a little idea has its practical method, and scholars should seriously understand it. Every move should not be sloppy and should be improved. Lay a solid foundation for practicing more advanced Wing Chun boxing in the future.

Small thoughts, as the name implies, are mainly based on ideas. Therefore, when you practice the moves of small thoughts to the correct and skilled stage, you don’t have to look at yourself in the mirror to see whether your moves are correct, so as not to affect your concentration. You only need to use your mind to promote each move. After long practice, you can reach the realm of using your mind to promote moves without exertion, and you can get the power of your mind at will.

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