Take care of your teeth: three things to do and three things not to do

Teeth are the hardest organ in the human body. Generally speaking, the teeth are white (slightly yellowish in normal people) and hard. The various shapes of teeth are suitable for a variety of purposes, including tearing and grinding food. Teeth are the natural self-defense weapons of animals. After changing primary teeth and growing permanent teeth, it means that we will not grow new teeth (except primary teeth) in this life. Permanent teeth are organs that should accompany us all our lives. How can we not treat them well? It is everyone’s responsibility to care for the health of teeth. Come and see how to do it!

take care of your teeth and do three things well

1. Chew more

Chewing can keep fit and prevent diseases. When we chew, the cells in the cerebral cortex will be activated. Regular chewing can prevent brain aging and Alzheimer’s; Chewing can also promote the secretion of insulin in our body, regulate the metabolism of sugar in our body, effectively prevent diabetes, and greatly help the treatment of diabetes. In addition, when chewing, saliva will increase. In addition to a large amount of amylase to help digestion, these saliva also contains enough lysozyme to kill bacteria in the mouth and food, neutralize or eliminate harmful substances in food, so chewing more can also prevent cancer.

2. Wash teeth regularly

Tooth washing, medically known as “oral cleaning”, refers to the treatment method of removing calculus and tartar attached to the teeth, polishing the tooth surface, eliminating dental plaque, making periodontal tissue inflammation subside and restoring health by using surgical instruments and ultrasonic tooth cleaning machines. Many people have some doubts about whether tooth washing is harmful to teeth. In fact, brushing your teeth is no substitute for washing your teeth. This is because the toothbrush can only brush the front and top of the teeth, but cannot brush the back and side of the teeth. While tooth washing can remove dental plaque and calculus on all surfaces of teeth through some physical and chemical methods, so as to achieve the goal of thoroughly cleaning teeth.

3. Brush your teeth before going to bed

The human mouth is the place with the most bacteria. According to experiments, there are 10 billion bacteria per gram of tartar, and when people fall asleep at night, they breed the most. The reason is that the mouth stays still during sleep, which is most suitable for bacterial reproduction. If you don’t brush your teeth before going to bed, the food residues in the day will adhere to the surface of your teeth, especially in the gaps between your teeth, which is prone to dental caries or periodontitis. Medical experts point out that brushing your teeth at night is more important than brushing your teeth in the morning.

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