How to prevent back pain? Standing work

1. Set the alarm of the mobile phone for regular activities. Many mobile phones can set multiple sets of alarms at will to remind themselves to get up at a specific time for activities, stretching or walking. When you develop the habit of exercise, you can “lay off”.

2. Talk while walking. When you want to answer your mobile phone for a long time, don’t lie at your desk. It’s better to wear headphones and go out of the door, talking while walking, but walking speed should not be too fast.

3. Set up a computer screen saver and take regular breaks. Preset the computer screensaver at a certain time interval. Every time the screensaver appears, immediately stop working for 5 minutes and stretch your limbs.

4. Hide the TV remote control and adjust the channel manually. If you want to hide the TV remote control, you can force yourself to leave the sofa and get up to change channels manually. Although it is a little troublesome, it is definitely beneficial to the health of the back and the whole body.

5. Get up for exercise during advertising time. Use TV advertising time to get up and do leg pressing or squatting exercises, pour a cup of boiled water, wash dishes or organize documents. This can effectively relieve the pressure of sitting for a long time and prevent back pain.

6. Work standing. Standing work helps to avoid the health disadvantages such as back pain caused by sitting for a long time. If there is no office equipment with adjustable height, standing often during work can also help relieve back pressure.

7. Change into a pair of outdoor sports shoes. Wearing too soft or hard shoes all day can also easily lead to increased back pressure. Changing a pair of outdoor sports shoes and increasing the running time can help prevent and alleviate back pain.

8. Standing or walking for meetings. During a meeting in the unit, all personnel standing or walking can not only prevent back pain, but also prevent excessive relaxation, so as to improve the meeting effect.

9. Finish the task on the treadmill. If conditions permit, you can arrange certain work tasks on the treadmill at home, such as reading while exercising, but the running machine must be careful and slow to ensure safety.

10. Stay away from work. During the break or lunch time, you may as well take a long walk away from the noisy working environment, which is not only helpful to decompress but also exercise and relax.

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