Choose color mask in smog days to aggravate cough

When talking about this problem, Guo jueheng, director of the sleep and respiration center of Beijing Chaoyang Hospital, said that generally qualified masks are colorless masks. Their materials are cotton masks made of gauze and non-woven fabrics. They have not undergone any chemical treatment, have no peculiar smell, and have good permeability and filtration, so they are safer and cleaner. Most of these fashionable color masks are chemical fiber fabrics, which have been treated by chemical action, and their patterns and colors have also been dyed by dyes, which may have irritating smell. Some color masks have different colors inside and outside, coupled with poor permeability. Although it is beautiful to use, there are certain health hazards.

“Some colored masks have a certain irritating smell after being dyed with dyes, which can easily irritate the respiratory tract.” Guo Juheng said that wearing such a mask for a long time is likely to cause repeated coughing, dyspnea, and even bronchitis, especially for patients with respiratory allergy and asthma. Wearing such a mask may aggravate the disease. If the mask is made of poor material or has peculiar smell, it will also cause certain irritation to the skin on the face or neck, causing skin allergy and other problems.

Guo Juheng suggested that when buying masks, it’s best to buy them in regular hospitals or pharmacies. Never buy them at some roadside stalls, or buy them only for fashion and beauty, ignoring the functions of masks themselves. When choosing a mask, choose a mask with appropriate thickness and size according to the cold and hot weather. Before wearing, you should wash them first. It is better to prepare two for wearing, and develop the habit of washing the same day. After washing, you can take them to the sun or scald them with boiling water for disinfection.

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