Combing all parts of the body with a comb can maintain health

Experts pointed out that a good comb is equivalent to a scraping plate, which not only has the function of tidying up hair, but also has the effect of massage, health preservation and disease prevention. The key to “Combing” health lies in persistence, which can only be seen over time. It is by no means an overnight achievement that can be achieved once and for all. In his theory of health preservation, Ji Kang said that “comb your hair one or two hundred times every morning, and you will live a long life.”. Every morning and evening, use the comb to comb the head, pillow and neck from the middle of the forehead, then comb both sides, about 100 times a time, so as to play the role of health care. If there is no comb, you can temporarily use your fingers to replace the comb, press the scalp from the middle line of Yintang acupoint in front of the hairline, and comb your hair, which can also play the role of dredging meridians and activating collaterals, refreshing and refreshing.

comb your hair healthily

According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, a person’s head is “the meeting of various Yang”, which gathers more than 40 large and small acupoints and more than 10 special stimulation areas. These meridians and acupoints play the role of running Qi and blood, nourishing the whole body, resisting external evils, and communicating with the upper and lower parts of the body. Regularly combing and massaging these acupoints can accelerate the blood circulation at the root of hair, strengthen the root of hair, and make the color of hair black and moist, so as to dredge the meridians, improve the blood circulation, calm the mind and open the mind, play the role of hearing and seeing, refreshing the mind, and health care. Start from the middle of the forehead and comb the top of the head, occipital part and neck with uniform force, then comb the left and right sides of the head, and make the comb teeth perpendicular to the surface of the head. It is better to comb a little faster, generally 100 times each time. Wooden combs are the best.

combing milk and bodybuilding

Combing the breast with a wooden comb every day is an effective and simple way to prevent diseases and maintain breast fitness. Clinical experience shows that breast comb can accelerate the blood circulation of the breast, enhance the secretion and excretion of pond milk of the breast, and have a positive therapeutic effect on postpartum diseases such as lack of milk, milk accumulation, mastitis, acute mastitis and hyperplasia of breast lobules.

When combing the milk, the effect is better if it is hot packed first or washed with drug decoction. For example, for the treatment of poor milk, local swelling and pain, and the initial symptoms of mastitis, 20 grams of red peony, 30 grams of Prunella vulgaris and 30 grams of pugongxiang can be used, fried in water, washed outside and wet and hot packed. Then hold up the breast with one hand and comb it gently and slowly toward the nipple from around the breast with a wooden comb in the other hand, and then comb it in a circular motion from the bottom of the breast to the nipple, once a day for about 5 minutes each time.

comb bath beauty

Wiping the body skin with a soft brush when bathing can remove the aged tissue cells on the body surface, make the excretion of sweat glands and sebaceous glands smooth, promote the blood circulation of the skin, enhance the disease resistance, and prevent and treat some stubborn skin diseases. After leaving the bathtub for 1-2 minutes, start to comb and wash your body. Choose a long handle comb with massage function. Start from the part far from the heart, and wipe the part that cannot be combed with force with cotton wool. The fat accumulation part should be combed, and finally, another water bath should be carried out to make the pores fresh. Comb bath can be carried out once a day, before getting up early or going to bed late. After every comb bath, you will feel warm skin, comfortable limbs and refreshing spirit.

only those who comb exclusively are healthy.

In addition, experts remind that when using a comb, try not to use only one comb, but use different combs according to different situations. Maris Moeller, a hairdresser in Hamburg, Germany, introduced that different combs are required for hair maintenance. Although there are general combs that are very suitable for daily care, different combs are also required for scalp massage and various hairstyles. For example, the dense tooth comb is suitable for sparse hair, which can comb out fine hair lines and look more dense. Moreover, the dense tooth comb contacts the scalp more, which can increase blood circulation; The wide tooth comb is suitable for hair that is easy to knot.

the material of the comb is also important.

As for the material of comb, it is better to choose natural horn comb and wood comb as far as possible, which is not easy to generate static electricity and damage the scalp. Here are the precautions for you to buy a comb:

1. The comb design should be strong and heat-resistant, soft and elastic, and not prick hands.

2. The hair comb should be easy to comb and curl the hair without hurting the skin.

3. No static electricity is generated.

4. A round head is better than a pointed head, and it can not hurt your hair.

5. It is not necessary to comb the hair too closely, so that the hair will not be damaged.

6. When choosing a hair comb, you should try and compare it more. You can use the strength of the ordinary comb on the back of your hand to test it. If you feel sharp and uncomfortable, don’t choose it.

7. It’s better to prepare more hair combs to facilitate combing different hair styles.

8. Always keep the hair comb clean, first clean the hair attached to the brush, soak the comb hair in warm soapy water, gently shake it for several minutes, then wave away the excess water, put the comb hair down on the towel to dry naturally, and do not let the wooden comb wet for a long time.

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