Choosing a hula hoop that is too heavy will easily hurt the viscera

Gao Liuhong, associate professor of the gymnastics teaching and Research Office of Beijing Sport University, said in an interview with reporters that hula hoops are a good fast-paced way of waist exercise, which can reduce waist and abdominal fat and strengthen abdominal and back muscles.

At present, some hula hoops sold on the market are thick and some are very thin, and their colors and appearance are also rich and colorful.

From the perspective of manufacturing materials, some hula hoops add a layer of sponge coat on the basis of plastic products; Some have magnetic and massage functions, which are formed by bending an empty metal tube. The inner side of the metal tube is in an arc-shaped convex concave shape, which can massage the waist when rotating; Another hula hoop is made by using the motion principle of the spring. This hula hoop can also serve as a spring tensioner to exercise the arms, back, waist, legs and other parts. The spring hula hoop is not as fixed as the old hula hoop, and it is easy to fold and bend, so it is more convenient to keep and carry. This hula hoop is commonly used by some bodybuilders.

In terms of movement mode, hula hoops also extend from the initial waist movement to the arm or leg movement. Some people even do some difficult movements, and the rotation method is amazing.

Gao Liuhong said that plastic products and hula hoops with sponge coats are more suitable for ordinary people, but for hula hoops made of special materials such as metal pipes and springs, it is best to practice under the guidance of sports experts.

The selection of hula hoops is not necessarily the more important the effect is. In practice, the faster you turn, the more calories you burn. The key is to find the weight that suits you, and exercise skills should be in place. Exercise time should be appropriate, otherwise short-term intense exercise will only exchange for muscle pain and will not consume excess heat. And too much exercise can easily cause muscle strain or sprain. In addition, the hula hoop will hit the organs in the abdomen and back (such as the kidney) when it rotates, and the impact force of too heavy hula hoop is relatively large, which may hurt the viscera, so it is necessary to choose a hula hoop with moderate strength.

“Hula hoops are mostly suitable for children and young people. It is best not to choose this sport for people with back problems, or for people who are old and have osteoporosis, as well as people with high blood pressure and heart disease.” Gao Liuhong reminded me. In addition, pay attention not to exercise immediately after meals, preferably every 1 hour, otherwise improper exercise will cause harm to health. In addition, women should also avoid this exercise during pregnancy and menstruation.

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