How to buy Shower Curtain

product selection skills

About the material of shower curtain: PEVA is a polymer of PE and EVA, and it is also an environmental friendly material. It is odorless and smooth, and has a good feel. The more EVA it contains determines its feel and sag. The higher the EVA content, the softer the feel, the better the sag; On the contrary, the harder, the lighter; PVC has good transparency, strong and durable, good sagging feeling and general feel, which will change with the weather. The square gram weight is the highest, and it will have a faint taste. In fact, when it is hung up, the smell will gradually fade after a period of time. Some printed shower curtains can only be made of PVC.

About the thickness of the shower curtain: for the thickness of the fabric of the shower curtain, it is not that the thicker the fabric, the better. Too thick the fabric will often affect the ventilation and waterproof performance of the shower curtain. It is not easy to dry when encountering water, and it is easy to cause mold after long-term use. However, the thinner the shower curtain, if the fabric sags well, can be considered as a good product and is very comfortable to use. A good shower curtain depends on design, process, workmanship, details, printing effect and so on. Generally, the thickness of the commonly produced shower curtain is 0.1-0.15mm. The simplest comparison method is to determine the weight of the shower curtain with the same size and material, so as to determine the thickness. In addition, I would like to explain to you that many buyers have the misconception that PVC is thicker than PEVA, which is wrong. Any material is thick and thin, and the thickness is related to the materials used in production and has nothing to do with the material.

About the size of shower curtain: the dimensions of shower curtain in the store are width * height. Please note: the width of the shower curtain should be larger than the width of your bathroom, that is, the actual width of the part where you need to pull the shower curtain. For example, if the width of your bathroom or bathtub is 160cm, you need to buy a 180 wide shower curtain. All curtains need to have room for extension. If you buy a 160, you can’t pull it tightly. The height of the shower curtain is mostly 180 CM-200 cm, which is enough; The height of the shower curtain hem from the ground should be 1-2 cm. The hem had better not mop the floor, which is easy to get dirty. Sometimes it is easy to tear the shower curtain if you step on it carelessly. For the sake of beauty, you can also choose a higher shower curtain for some house types. In addition, the shower curtain is pressed by machine, and it is normal to have a size of plus or minus 2-3cm. International conventional size 180 * 180 (American customary size), 180 * 200 (European customary size)

About the “smell” of shower curtain gas: the smell is related to the process of printing shower curtain. Printing shower curtain is divided into machine print (machine print) and hand print (manual print). Machine print is machine print, and there is basically no smell when printed, but only some repeatable designs and colors can be printed; Handprint is a manual printing, which is generally used for the whole effect or non repeatable designs and colors. The screen version of the shower curtain is as large as the size of the screen, and there are several screens in several colors. The shower curtain needs to be tiled one by one, one color by one. The process is very complex, the cost is relatively high, and the printing also has a heavy ink smell. The new shower curtain is directly packaged after it is made. There will be ink smell when it is taken out and hung up. After ventilation, the ink smell will naturally volatilize.

About the shower curtain, there is “ash”: talc powder scattered on the shower curtain, because of the characteristics of PVC, so that it will not stick together, and it will also exist after packaging; In addition to PVC materials, no matter what kind of materials are used in the handprinted shower curtain, talc powder will also be scattered to protect the newly printed ink. After you receive it, wipe it with a wet cloth or hang it up and rinse it with water.

product costs and brand knowledge

The prices of shower curtain screens vary greatly. In building materials supermarkets, most of the prices are about 20-50 yuan per square meter, and some small stores are less than 10-20 Yuan due to differences in raw materials and processes.

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