New whitening concepts you can’t know, new whitening knowledge you can’t know

Cuticle affecting whitening

Why do you whiten and moisturize every day, but your complexion is still dark and uneven, as if your skin doesn’t eat your set at all? Then we need to review whether there is a problem with your stratum corneum. As long as the skin’s transparency is not enough, it can’t show perfect brightness and beauty. This is not only related to dryness, disordered skin lines and overlapping cuticle, but also closely related to the transparency of the cuticle itself. In a healthy state, the stratum corneum will show transparency and allow light to see through, and the skin will look much whiter; Conversely, if the metabolism of the stratum corneum is abnormal, the keratin protein in it will accumulate too tightly, and the skin will feel rough.

Without moisturizing, the skin is weak and whitening is useless

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Hydration is the basis of all maintenance, especially for whitening. Whitening products need to reach the deep layer of the skin and make the epidermis renew and fall off through skin metabolism. If the moisturizing degree is not enough, the whitening nutrition cannot penetrate, and the skin has no metabolic power. Then the 1000 yuan product you use on your face will be washed away.

Without collagen, the skin is not white enough

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It is always believed that collagen and anti-aging are inseparable. Nowadays, whitening also needs rich collagen to help. Collagen fibers exist in the dermis. UVA in ultraviolet rays penetrates into the dermis, destroys the collagen fibers, and greatly weakens the absorption and effect of whitening ingredients. Doing a good job of protection is to prevent the continuous reduction of collagen, and supplementing collagen is to add points and lift Qi to whitening!

Emotional whitening

The LOHAS are setting off a global upsurge, including nearly 200 million people in Europe, the United States and Japan who have joined this new life movement: they use natural herbs to maintain their health, practice yoga and fitness, listen to music for spiritual growth… This is the emerging “emotional whitening” this year. Under emotional pressure, the skin will secrete nearly three times more melanin than usual; When the human body is in a state of mental tension, the skin under the condition of insufficient nutrition is easy to become dark and sallow. Therefore, instead of pursuing exaggerated and quick chemical whitening, it is also a new trend advocated by big brands this year to choose to balance internal cycle metabolism and give play to skin self whitening mechanism in the spirit of LOHAS. To be white and beautiful, besides using products, it is also important to maintain a beautiful mood.

Eyes also need whitening

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A large amount of ultraviolet radiation will gradually appear color spots around the eyes. If you can use the right whitening products, it will have obvious effect on lightening black circles and color spots. However, because the eye skin is very fragile, it has been a “forbidden area” for whitening and sun protection products for a long time. With the development of beauty technology, more and more brands have added whitening eye cream to whitening and even sunscreen series products, which can not only protect against ultraviolet rays, but also improve eye problems by promoting blood circulation of eye skin.

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