How to care for acne skin? How to care for acne skin

Unbalanced water and oil, too thick cuticle blocking pores and acne bacteria are the three major causes of acne. Friends who often have acne should pay attention to care in ordinary times. How should they care for their acne skin? Let’s take a look.

Reasonable diet

Reasonable allocation of eating habits, so as to effectively prevent the onset of acne. It is not easy to eat too sour and spicy food in diet, which will affect hair follicle arrangement and promote hair cell inflammation. Usually, eat more vegetables, fruits, bean products and so on, and supplement more vitamins will also help skin detoxify.

Always wash your face with facial cleanser

At least use facial cleanser in the morning and evening to wash your face, and use facial cleanser with moisturizing effect to help balance the water and oil of your skin, so that your skin is clean and your pores are breathable, so that you won’t clog your pores greasily and aggravate the deterioration of acne muscles.

Ginkgo biloba acne

Cut Ginkgo biloba into thin slices. After cleaning your face in the evening, smear Ginkgo biloba tablets on acne. After repeatedly wiping a few tablets, replace them with another Ginkgo Biloba Tablet and wipe them, 1-2 capsules at a time.

Lemon egg white for acne

Take a lemon, squeeze out the lemon juice, mix it with the egg white, stir it evenly, apply it on the clean face, wash it with water half an hour later, and persist in using it for 2 weeks. The acne will become smaller and the skin will become white and tender.

Sulfur powder to eliminate acne

Take an appropriate amount of sulfur powder and Sichuan army powder, mix them together, add water to make a paste, and then apply them to acne, 2-3 times a day, which can effectively treat acne.

Garlic juice dispels acne

Pressing a few cloves of garlic juice, then adding an appropriate amount of warm water to make it even, and then using it to wash your face can effectively treat acne, but after cleaning your face, you must do a good job of moisturizing to avoid water shortage.

Vitamin E to eliminate acne

Break the vitamin E capsule, extrude the vitamin E liquid, add an appropriate amount of pearl powder and water to mix them into a paste, then add less boiled water to mix them, and then evenly apply it on the face or acne. Stick to applying it once a day, and after a period of time, you can effectively remove acne.

Use aloe juice to remove acne

Aloe is a very good natural beauty product. There are aloe extracts in many beauty and skin care products. Aloe is a very good plant for sterilization and anti-inflammatory. Then aloe has a very good effect on removing acne, and it can help the skin expel toxins. Put the fresh aloe vera into the refrigerator to cool for a period of time, then take it out, and then take out its juice, directly smear it on clean skin, and after 20 minutes, clean it, which can play a very good acne removing effect.

Acne anti-inflammatory and antibacterial work

To save the acne skin, while doing a good job in cleaning and moisturizing the skin, we should also pay attention to the anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial work of acne. We can use some ointment with anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial functions to eliminate the secondary infection and inflammation of acne. We must persist in using it until the acne disappears, once a day.

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