Common misconceptions about weight loss: avoiding these misconceptions will be more effective

Many people have never stopped the pace of weight loss, but found that there is not much effect. What is the reason? If you also have such questions during the weight loss period, you may unconsciously step into the wrong area of weight loss.

It is very distressing that losing weight has no effect. Obviously, we have made a lot of efforts to lose weight, but we can not achieve our expectations. Once losing weight enters the wrong area, it is likely to destroy the whole weight loss plan. In order to avoid this situation, let’s talk about the wrong area of losing weight.

image 62 - Common misconceptions about weight loss: avoiding these misconceptions will be more effective

1、 Over diet

Many people are too lazy to exercise and want to lose weight by dieting. Dieting can really make us thinner, but excessive dieting is not advisable and will cause harm to the body. Excessive dieting is easy to cause malnutrition and lead to functional disorders in all aspects of the body. And once we return to our normal diet, our weight will rebound even more.

2、 No staple food

You can not eat refined rice noodles during weight loss, because refined rice noodles contain a lot of carbohydrates, and it is easy to get fat if you eat too much. But it is wrong not to eat staple food at all. It will lead to health problems in the long run. During the weight loss period, you can use some brown rice to replace the staple food, and you can also eat buckwheat food, which can not only satisfy your stomach, but also easily achieve the weight loss effect.

3、 Vegetarian, not meat

In order to achieve the effect of losing weight quickly, many people will choose to eat vegetarian instead of meat. It’s OK to stick to vegetarianism for a short time, but long-term vegetarianism will lead to the lack of high-quality protein and other elements in meat. Even if you are losing weight, you should ensure a healthy diet so that you can lose weight healthily.

4、 Don’t eat starchy food

In fact, as long as you don’t eat too much, moderate consumption of starchy food will not lead to obesity. Starch belongs to polysaccharides, which will be converted into glucose after digestion. Glucose is the main energy source of organisms. Eating starch food is an important material basis for maintaining our normal activities. However, it should be noted that if you eat too much starch food, which has exceeded the calories required by the human body, it will be converted into fat and lead to obesity.

image 64 - Common misconceptions about weight loss: avoiding these misconceptions will be more effective

5、 Take diet pills

Many people don’t want to exercise and want to lose weight easily. They will think of losing weight through weight-loss drugs. But in fact, many weight-loss drugs are harmful to the body, and may not really produce the effect of business publicity, so we still recommend that you take weight-loss products carefully.

6、 Eat only fruit for three meals

Fruit really helps us lose weight, but if we eat three meals a day, we’ll be a little too much. Fruit contains fructose. If you eat too much fructose, it is difficult for your body to completely consume it. In this way, it will be converted into fat and stored in your body. Not only is it hard to lose weight, it will also lead to getting fatter and fatter.

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