How does white vinegar whiten? What are the whitening methods

For how white vinegar can protect skin, whitening is what women want. In life, there are many ways to whiten. White vinegar whitening is one of them. Do you know what the white vinegar whitening tips are? What are the medical beauty and health functions of white vinegar? Do you know the side effects of white vinegar washing your face? Next, let’s go to know with Xiaobian.

white vinegar Whitening Tips

1. White vinegar Whitening Tips: white vinegar + water

White vinegar contains acidic ingredients, which can promote skin metabolism, prevent the breeding of acne and blackheads, and also have a good effect. Because white vinegar has acidic components, it can’t be directly applied to your face. You can add water at a ratio of 1:20, wash your face in the morning and evening, easily remove horniness, and make your skin whiter and smoother.

2. White vinegar Whitening Tips: white vinegar + glycerin

Glycerin can moisturize the skin and make it smoother. Prepare a basin of warm water and pour 3-5 drops of glycerin into it to wash your face, which can whiten the skin. Mix white vinegar and glycerin in the ratio of 2:1, and then apply it to your face, which can reduce the production of melanin and make your skin better and better!

3. White vinegar Whitening Tips: white vinegar + salt + water

Mix water, white vinegar and salt in the ratio of 10:5:2, and wash your face every night. It has a good anti-inflammatory and bactericidal effect. It is suitable for mm with acne skin. This combination can whiten and dispel acne, and can be used 2-3 times a week.

4. White vinegar Whitening Tips: white vinegar + Atractylodes macrocephala

Usage: immerse Atractylodes macrocephala in white vinegar, seal it for 7 days, take Atractylodes macrocephala and wipe the freckles and black spots. Stick to it every day, and the freckles and black spots will gradually become lighter or even fade over time.

5. White vinegar Whitening Tips: white vinegar + soybeans

Usage: soak 250g fresh soybeans in 500g vinegar for about 15 days, and eat 5 to 10 pieces of vinegar soybeans every day, which is effective to reduce facial pigmentation.

6. White vinegar Whitening Tips: white vinegar + winter melon

Usage: cut the peeled wax gourd into pieces, put it into a hot water pot, wait until it is boiled into thick juice, then take out an appropriate amount of papaya juice, put it into almost the same amount of white vinegar, mix it well, and rub it on your face. If time permits, you can do it 2-3 times a day, and wash it after the papaya juice is dry. This method of freckle removal has a good whitening effect on chloasma and butterfly spots.

medical beauty and health care effects of white vinegar

1. According to relevant data records, white vinegar, as a condiment, also has a certain health care effect, so eating an appropriate amount of white vinegar in daily meals can kill bacteria and also improve beauty.

2. The acetic acid of white vinegar can kill Staphylococcus, Escherichia coli, pathogenic bacteria and halophilic bacteria in the intestine, help digestion and facilitate the absorption of nutrients in food because of its strong bactericidal ability.

3. White vinegar can also turn excessive fat in the body into energy consumption, and promote the metabolism of sugar and protein to prevent obesity;

4. It can enhance kidney function, diuresis, reduce urine sugar content, enhance liver function, promote metabolism, expand blood vessels, reduce blood pressure and prevent cardiovascular diseases.

side effects of washing face with white vinegar

1. Cause skin sensitivity

White vinegar is a strong acidic thing. If the dilution is not enough, or the dosage is too large, or the frequency of use is too high, it is easy to cause skin sensitivity, redness, swelling, tingling, etc. Therefore, when using white vinegar to wash your face, you must pay attention to an appropriate amount.

2. Red blood filaments appear

If we wash our face with white vinegar for a long time, our cheeks will be prone to red blood. This is because the cuticle thickness of cheeks and T-zone is different, so Xiaobian here suggests that we reduce the cleaning intensity of cheeks.

3. Aggravate uneven skin tone

If you focus too much on cleaning a certain part when washing your face with white vinegar, it is likely to cause uneven skin tone on the face, and the areas that need to be cleaned will be whiter than other skin. Therefore, you should pay attention to comprehensive cleaning and do not neglect the cleaning of detail parts.

4. Cause skin spots

If you don’t take timely sunscreen isolation after washing your face with white vinegar at ordinary times, it is easy to get spots on your face as time goes on. Therefore, white vinegar is easy to react with the sun. It is recommended to wash your face with white vinegar at night and do a good job in follow-up skin care.

5. Destroy the cuticle of skin

There are also many acidic substances in white vinegar. If you eat white vinegar for a long time to wash your face, you can change the skin quality, but a little carelessness can easily destroy your face. Therefore, you must control the amount of white vinegar.

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