Eating hot food may cause esophageal cancer

In clinical practice, doctors have found that many patients with digestive system cancer, especially those with esophageal cancer and gastric cancer, have a common characteristic, that is, they like to eat very hot food, and they can’t wait to eat those things that have just come out of the pot for every meal. After consulting a patient diagnosed with esophageal cancer about his diet, it was found that he not only likes to eat hot meals, but also likes to drink hot tea very much. It was these bad eating habits that caused his middle-aged illness.

In recent years, reports at home and abroad have also continuously proved that drinking hot tea will destroy the “mucosal barrier” of the esophagus. According to the epidemiological survey in the high incidence areas of esophageal cancer in China, a large proportion of patients with esophageal cancer like hot drinks, hard food, fast food or alcohol.

Animal experiments have also proved that drinking alcohol, eating hot food, and wolfing down food can burn and corrode the esophageal mucosa to a certain extent. When the mucosal cells have proliferative lesions, they may further become cancerous.

Gobbling up food seems to be a common problem of office workers in this era. The pressure of work and life makes office workers in a highly nervous state. It seems that eating is only for simple physical needs, so eating is very fast. In fact, this is very harmful to your health.

Eating fast and chewing food is not fine, which is easy to damage the digestive tract mucosa and produce chronic inflammation; In addition, fast eating and large size of food lumps are easy to produce strong mechanical stimulation to the digestive tract such as esophagus and cardia, which will cause digestive tract damage and even canceration over a long period of time.

Mr. Zhang is such a patient. Since he joined the work, he has learned to eat quickly because he was too busy. Unfortunately, after 10 years of working, he got gastric cancer.

Our ancestors realized long ago that overeating would do harm to the body. There is a very classic saying in the Yellow Emperor’s classic of internal medicine: “if you eat twice as much, your intestines and stomach will be hurt.” It means that eating a lot of things at one time will damage our own intestines and stomach first.

The ancient Chinese medicine book Ji Sheng Fang also points out that “after eating five flavors, fish and cheese, eating raw and cold fruits and vegetables will stop accumulating in the stomach… For a long time, the accumulation will become a symptom.” From the experience of the ancients, eating too much will cause gastrointestinal dysfunction, and over time, getting sick and getting cancer can not be avoided.

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