Skin allergy becomes an invisible killer in summer

In the scorching summer, girls don’t want to be bound, and they wear slippers and jeans shorts. However, do you know that when you are enjoying the cool, there may be dangers lurking around you. Let’s take a look at the items that hurt our skin?

plastic slippers

The raw material used for making plastic slippers is polyvinyl chloride. In a high temperature environment, this chemical component will quickly decompose and emit hydrogen chloride gas. It has a strong irritating effect on human skin, respiratory mucosa and other parts, and can cause headache, nausea, skin allergy and other symptoms. Some inferior plastic slippers often add recycled wastes with unknown ingredients in production, and these materials also have a great impact on human skin health.


When wearing skinny jeans, sometimes there will be red marks on the stomach, and even some protruding small rashes will grow. Nickel contained in the buttons of jeans may also cause rashes. In addition, if the newly bought jeans are not washed and then worn, the dyes used may be harmful to the skin.


Some people do not pay attention to the amount of input when washing clothes. We should know that most of the detergent used in daily life is detergent with enzymes, because it has a strong decontamination effect. However, when people wear these clothes, especially personal clothes, the residual proteolytic enzymes will decompose the skin proteins, resulting in skin itching, erythema, papules and other allergic symptoms.


Some women with earrings may have a deep understanding that some earrings of poor quality will make their ears red, swollen and ulcerated. Some people insert wire, bamboo sticks, cotton wool and other things after piercing their ears and eyes, which not only hinder the healing of their ears and eyes, but also promote the spread of bacterial infection, and even cause ear cartilage inflammation. There are also some jewelry that will make the patient’s local skin itch, burn, erythema, peeling or papule after wearing, so patients must pay special attention when buying.

notebook computer

Some people are used to working with their notebooks on their thighs. After long-term exposure to infrared radiation, a red purple rash will appear on the thigh. To prevent this, it is best to put a cushion between your body and your computer.


Vaseline can be used to moisturize fragile skin, and even has a good effect on mosquito bites and wounds. However, it can not be used as a product to moisturize the skin for a long time. It may feel soft at first, but just like the characteristics of Vaseline sealing moisture, rough emollients also seal dust in the skin, and it will become drier over time.

hydrogen peroxide

As a mild antiseptic, hydrogen peroxide is one of the supplies for preventing infection or timely nursing after injury. However, please remember that hydrogen peroxide is also a mild antiseptic and cannot be used to treat acne. At the same time, it is also a common allergen, which can cause inflammatory reactions and cause skin infection again.

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