How to moisturize, hydrate and whiten the five skin types

1、 Special care for oily skin

Although the face looks oily in summer, the oily skin will also dry and peel in autumn. Because, low air temperature and low humidity will restore oil secretion to normal, but more oil does not mean enough water. Even if the skin with sebum and water imbalance is still oily, it may have peeling. Never over clean your skin, because moisturizing is the most important thing in this season.

2、 Mixed skin:

People with mixed skin are basically young people with unstable skin conditions. The T-shaped part is oily, and the eyes and cheeks are dry. In terms of skin care, different emphasis can be given to the skin in different regions. For dry parts, in addition to more moisturizing and maintenance, skin care products with rich nutrients can be appropriately selected, and refreshing skin care products can be continued for the oily parts.

3、 Dry skin:

Compared with oily skin and neutral skin, dry skin needs careful care most, because it belongs to aging prone skin. Its pores are small and unobvious, and it is easy to produce fine wrinkles. It has the largest response to external temperature and humidity, and the weather changes greatly at the turn of the season. Therefore, friends with dry skin must prepare for the rainy day and prepare skin care products in advance to meet the needs of the times.

4、 Neutral skin:

Neutral skin is a natural beauty once seen in a century. It is not dry or oily, showing the beauty of white and red. It has delicate skin and small pores. But if you don’t pay attention to maintenance, your skin will have many problems. Friends with neutral skin should do a good job in the daily maintenance of skin foundation, work and rest rules, and maintain the best victory state.

5、 Sensitive skin:

The skin is thin, sensitive to external stimuli, and prone to local redness, redness and swelling. For sensitive skin, you can choose slightly acidic cleanser, supplement vitamin C more, and avoid using oil control formula in daily cream.

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