Check the correct whitening method of white vinegar facial washing. What is the correct method of white vinegar facial washing

1. Pay attention to the amount of white vinegar

Wash your face with white vinegar. You only need a small spoonful of white vinegar each time. You don’t need to put a lot of white vinegar in it. This will irritate the skin, cause the skin to become thinner and thinner, easily increase fine lines and become dry.

Because our skin needs an adaptation process, it’s better to put less white vinegar, just put a spoon in the small spoon of soup.

2. Pay attention to the type of facial cleanser

When washing your face with white vinegar, you can use facial cleanser with moisturizing effect. After washing your face in this way, your face will still be moist and not easy to dry. Do not use facial cleanser containing a large amount of salicylic acid, which will easily wash your skin.

Facial cleanser is best selected according to skin type. Mousse facial cleanser can be selected for oily skin, that is, the one that can squeeze out foam. For medium dryness, low foam facial cleanser can be selected.

3. Pay attention to the frequency of washing your face

Wash your face with white vinegar. You don’t need to wash twice a day. If you are too diligent, it is not conducive to the normal coordination of facial oil. Wash your face once a day at most, and it is best to put it before going to bed.

You can wash your face up to two times a day. You don’t need to wash your face too diligently. This will break the cuticle of your skin and cause

4. Pay attention to the water temperature when washing your face

When washing your face with white vinegar, you need to control the water temperature. White vinegar itself is a liquid with certain activity. Too high a water temperature will kill the active factors in acetic acid, so you only need to use warm water.

The water temperature is an important factor to pay attention to when washing the face. The water temperature should not be too low or too high, about 30 or 40 degrees. Too high will kill the activity of acetic acid, and too low will not completely remove the dirt on the face.

5. Pay attention to subsequent maintenance

Wash your face with white vinegar. After washing your face, you can do skin care and maintenance according to normal procedures. You can choose skin care products with better water retention. Remember to start skin care while your face is still a little wet after washing your face. Don’t wait until your face is dry.

It is OK to apply maintenance products according to the normal skin care steps. This is decided by yourself according to your own maintenance habits. Generally, this is the routine.

6. Note the interval time

After washing your face with white vinegar for half a month, pause for 5 days, so that your skin can return to its normal state and your skin, pores and stratum corneum can grow naturally for a period.

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