Nine signs tell you that it will be too late if you don’t drink water

There is a saying that women are made of water. The truth is that both men and women are made of water. 75% of the brain and muscles of the human body are made of water, and 22% of the bones are also made of water. So in the Spring Festival, I must say to you: drink more water.

Scientific research has found that humans need to consume 1.5 liters of water every day to maintain the smooth operation of various functions of the human body, which is also known as “8 cups of water”.

However, in fact, it is not necessarily as rigid as 8 cups. According to consumption and other dietary structures, the amount of water you really drink is not fixed.

However, if you feel tired, painful or dizzy, water shortage may be one of the reasons. Whether there is enough water in the human body is closely related to many health problems. Some symptoms are just what your body tells you: drink water; Some symptoms can be solved by drinking water.

1. Premature aging

The human body is like a plant. If flowers, plants and trees are not watered enough, their leaves will wither day by day. If the body lacks water, the skin and internal organs will age ahead of time.

On the outside, people’s skin tone will darken and wrinkle; Inside, the functions of the five internal organs will be quietly weakened, such as indigestion of the intestines and stomach, irregular beating of the heart, etc.

2. Daily weight gain

Drinking water will increase weight due to the weight of water. However, in the long run, drinking enough water can help maintain a healthy weight and even help to lose weight. When human cells lack energy, people will feel tired, and many people will naturally choose to eat. In fact, they only need to drink water.

Cold water, in particular, can start the metabolic process of the human body and help the digestive system convert food into energy more effectively.

3. Headache and tiredness

The operation of the brain also needs the support of water. If the brain is short of water, people will feel dizzy, headache and consciousness fatigue. Research has found that as long as the brain loses 2% of its water content, attention will begin to decline.

Therefore, when you feel sluggish and lazy, you can restore the activities of various enzymes slowed down due to insufficient water and get rid of sluggishness without eating snacks and drinking more water.

4. Dry skin

Water is the cleaner of human toxins, which carries impurities outside the body through sweat and urine. The most obvious symptom of skin water shortage is dry skin, which is easy to cause skin rupture and infection, and can lead to skin diseases such as eczema in serious cases. Therefore, if you find your skin dry and rough, drinking water is the best cheap “skin care product”.

5. Back discomfort

When a person’s body is full of water, his urine is usually light yellow or even clear. If the water is insufficient, the urine color is darker, which means that the uric acid in it is thicker, which may cause discomfort to the kidney, bladder and urethra, and even infection and inflammation.

Acidic environments can also easily breed bacteria, causing infection and inflammation. The most obvious feature of kidney discomfort is backache.

6. Joint stiffness

The lubricant between joints is called synovial fluid, which helps smooth the operation of bones, muscles, ligaments and tendons.

The main component of synovial fluid is naturally water. Once the human body is short of water, it will affect not only the synovium, but also the cartilage tissue. As a cushion for joints, once the function of cartilage tissue weakens, all joints of the limbs will become stiff and even painful when they move.

7. Poor defecation

Water is the intermediary of digestion and excretion. If you don’t drink enough water, the body will store the water originally used for metabolism, and the feces originally “transported” by them will accumulate in the intestine, moving slowly or even unable to move, resulting in constipation.

Therefore, to ensure smooth excretion of urine and urine, drinking water is an effective “good medicine”.

8. Asthma and allergy

Human breath also contains water, so speaking and breathing in winter will bring “water vapor”. If the body is short of water, it will skimp water and control breathing, and people will have difficulty breathing, and even asthma.

At the same time, the human body will also start to produce more histamine, causing allergic symptoms. The mucus in the mouth and nose will also decrease, which is easy to cause throat and sinuses infection and inflammation.

9. Stomach pain and heartburn

The gastric acid secreted by the stomach needs to be diluted by water. If you don’t drink enough water and the acidity of gastric juice is too strong, it will damage tissues, and produce gastric acid reflux or heartburn symptoms, especially gastric ulcer and gastritis.

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