Women must know 8 characteristics of cheating men

external type features:

Generally speaking, they are not bad looking, and many of them are quite charming. They are very harmonious between yin and Yang, and very attractive to women.

whereabouts characteristics:

1. He will tell you that he likes you very much, which can make you feel that his eyes are blurred when he looks at you, but when you are also ready to look back affectionately, his eyes are just out of your sight;

2. He will only leave you a mobile phone number and an email address. He will call your mobile phone and make your heart flutter, but when you want to find him, he may often have a bad signal or turn off his mobile phone directly;

3. Sometimes there will be some girls around him. It is said that they are all old classmates, old colleagues and old friends. However, it seems that the look is not only as simple as old classmates, old colleagues and old friends, but also a little like the old woman;

4. When dating you, his mobile phone is often turned off, or there are some unknown short messages and unclear calls to disturb him;

5. I promised to meet you at 7:00 today, but it was often 8:00 when I arrived, or I made an appointment with you on Saturday afternoon, but I called you at noon on Saturday to tell you that I had cancelled it. The reason is often that I am working overtime on business, but you know that his work seems not so busy;

6. He is passionate about you at one time and indifferent to you at the other, which makes you wonder if this person is hermaphroditic and hormones are secreted regularly;

7. He never brings you into your circle of friends, nor does he enter your circle of friends. He said that he wanted to ensure that there was only room for you two;

8. When you meet someone you know in public, he will introduce you to your college classmates and colleagues in the company.

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