Is it cured to laugh too low?

As the saying goes, a smile will cure all ills. Keeping a smile regularly can not only keep you happy, but also reduce stress and prolong your life. Why not? Therefore, many people will joke that they “laugh a little low”. But you know, in fact, a low smile can also be a disease! Especially for the elderly, “laughing often” is not necessarily a good thing!

“too low a smile” may also be a disease

A study by the University of London shows that an unusual sense of humor in daily life is likely to be a precursor to dementia. This situation is often manifested as inappropriate laughter, such as watching news reports about natural disasters, or just seeing other people’s cars not parked properly. Some patients even laugh when they see their loved ones severely scalded. Experts said that if you notice similar changes in your family, you should pay attention to them and see a doctor in time.

how to distinguish normal laughter from morbid laughter

Laughter is a normal emotional expression. So, how do we distinguish between normal laughter and morbid laughter?

First, laughter should be consistent with the situation, that is, the normal response to the situation, which is very important; Second, laughter should be controlled, not only in time, but also in degree. If a person can laugh where he shouldn’t laugh, and the laugh is exaggerated and lasts for a long time, if he wants to control it but can’t control it, he should consider whether it is a sick smile.

What are the types of “sick laughter” in medicine

1. Schizophrenic laughter

Schizophrenic laughter is more exaggerated than ordinary laughter, which is mostly caused by hallucinations or delusions and has nothing to do with the surrounding environment. Such people often have auditory hallucinations or delusions of being killed, can’t take care of themselves in life, and even refuse to take a bath.

2. Smirk

Smirk is a stereotyped and repetitive smile, which has no relationship with the surrounding situation. Like the laughter of Alzheimer’s or congenital dementia, it belongs to smirk caused by brain diseases.

3. Hysterical laughter

Hysterical laughter is generally caused by strong mental stimulation. It is a normal way to vent discontent in the heart by laughing wildly. The duration of this kind of laughter will not be too long. It will last for half an hour or two and stop. It will make people feel terrible.

It’s not a problem to have a “low smile” in itself. We don’t need to suppress it too deliberately. There’s nothing wrong with smiling more. However, if you often have that kind of laughter that is not consistent with the situation or even uncontrollable, you should be careful that it is “sick laughter” and should attract attention.

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