Secret collection: easy control of beautiful love

1. Stop his game addiction in time

You should recognize the fact that most men generally have very low immunity to games. In life, you can often hear girls’ complaints about their boyfriend’s addiction to games, such as “he can’t wait to sleep with the computer” or “the position of games in his heart is definitely higher than that of his girlfriend”

Aside from games, these men are good men who love their families, work hard, and work hard. But once they are exposed to games, they are like magic. They are obsessed with the virtual world of games. The past sweet times are gone forever. The time they used to date with you is now spent on computers.

If you want your love life to maintain a stable rhythm as always, be careful to defend his keen sense of games, and find some new and interesting dates or fun activities to divert his attention. Watching a movie, competing with him who can read faster, and finding three or five friends to get together often can fill the gap in leisure life. His interest is always focused on you, and he can successfully avoid the danger of being abducted by the game!

2. Take the initiative at the right time in a passionate moment

Even now the social culture is very open and civilized, many topics that were once taboo or shy of speaking out have surfaced one after another, which can be openly faced and widely discussed.

However, in this case, many girls are still shy and conservative when having sex, giving the initiative to men all the time, and also shy of expressing their feelings. They appear nervous and formal in intimate moments, which is in sharp contrast to the enthusiastic behavior of men, and even in the end, the scene will be cold and dull.

Girls with such problems should pay attention, oh, it’s not the ancient tomb period now! In this intimate time, putting aside the gentle and gentle image in life and taking the initiative, you can not only fully experience the wonderful feeling brought by sex, but also promote the emotional communication between them. The expressive power of body language at this moment is far better than sweet talk in daily life. This is an important link in maintaining a happy relationship. Don’t let your shyness affect your interest.

In the private time, seize the opportunity to show the unique amorous feelings of a woman, so that he can see the sexy charm that is completely different from his usual life. It is absolutely irresistible for a man who has a desire to conquer.

3. Never be Xianglin’s wife

If you have a big mouth friend who likes to comment on everything and often complains all the time, will you be extremely bored? Hurry up and reflect. Don’t be infected with bad habits by such people. For two people in a relationship, the most taboo thing is to always remember the mistakes made a few years ago, and hold on to them. Even though times have changed, it still becomes a favorable evidence for the other party to make a conclusion. This habit will really scare away men.

In the process of two people living together, different living habits, ideas and even family backgrounds, large and small, will lead to various family problems. Although this is inevitable trouble, it is also one of the important sources of life fun.

Therefore, it is natural to experience stumbling, quarreling and quarreling. Because of this, it is also necessary for them to work together, run in and accommodate each other, so that their feelings can finally blossom and have a stable and happy happy happy ending. If you just complain and regret, most of what you say every day is the same, and if it were you, it would be unbearable. One of the important laws of love success is that you must not let the contradiction front stretch too long, and it is best not to stay overnight!

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