How many habits are more carcinogenic than smoking

According to an article published by livedoor, a Japanese portal, do you know that smoking can accelerate skin aging and relaxation? Moreover, smoking is also a cause of high blood pressure, cancer and other diseases, so smoking is harmful but not beneficial. However, even non-smokers may have some bad habits similar to smoking in their daily life, and these bad habits may be more harmful to their health than nicotine. The English information website shape has summarized some bad habits that harm health and shorten life. Let’s take a look.

1. Eat meat frequently

Meat people should pay attention. According to a magazine specializing in intracellular metabolism in the United States, people who regularly eat animal protein have a shorter life span and a four times higher chance of dying of cancer. This is almost the same as that of smokers who die of cancer. Therefore, we should not only take animal protein, but also plant protein.

2. Watching TV for a long time

Perhaps many people do not believe that “why is watching TV as bad for your health as smoking?” Of course, there is no problem with television itself. The problem is watching television for a long time.

A survey conducted by the University of Queensland in Australia shows that smoking a cigarette can reduce the life span by about 11 minutes. Even non-smokers, after the age of 25, will shorten their lifespan by 21.8 minutes for every hour they watch TV. This is because sitting for a long time is also a cause of cancer and heart disease.

3. Drink carbonated drinks frequently

According to a health survey in the United States, drinking about one cup (237ml) of carbonated drinks a day will age immune cells for about 2 years. If you drink two and a half cups (592ml) a day, telomeres (repeats at the end of chromosomes) will age for about 5 years, which is the same effect as smoking.

Therefore, when you are thirsty, you’d better choose sugar free tea or water.

As mentioned above, although these are small habits, the harm they bring can not be underestimated. We must pay more attention to them. Everyone should have a healthy habit in life, keep a balanced diet and exercise properly. If you have the above habits, you must change them.

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