How to avoid the five misunderstandings of acne elimination and master the correct methods of acne elimination? Avoid the five misunderstandings of acne elimination and master the correct methods of acne elimination

Recently, the temperature has begun to gradually rise again. Is the oil secretion of MM’s faces beginning to increase again? Many mm also have a lot of pimples on their faces. I believe that most mm can’t wait to use a variety of acne products as soon as they see acne, thinking that this can effectively eliminate acne. However, this is not the best way to eliminate acne, and it may backfire. Moreover, there are many misconceptions in the process of removing acne. Therefore, to effectively dispel acne, it is the key to master the correct method of dispelling acne. Today, Xiaobian will expose common acne elimination misconceptions and teach you how to correctly eliminate acne.

1、 Common misconceptions of acne elimination

1. Reducing fire and detoxifying can eliminate acne

The so-called “reducing fire and detoxifying” mostly means taking laxatives or some cool and defecating food. In fact, for people with excess Yin and deficiency Yang, eating more drugs and foods to reduce fire and relieve constipation will not only imbalance Yin and Yang in the body, but also weaken their weak constitution.

2. Sunscreen cannot be used

Many people think that sunscreen should not be used when growing up in the capital because they are afraid that it will block pores and lead to acne, but in fact, ultraviolet rays are the great enemy of the skin! Ultraviolet radiation not only aggravates the pigmentation of acne marks, but also induces the growth of acne. However, some sunscreens with too high SPF value will make the skin uncomfortable and even lead to acne.

3. Use fluoride toothpaste

Acne Removal Tips: in fact, acne may also be related to toothpaste. Fluoride toothpaste may cause some MM acne. Try fluoride free toothpaste to see if there are fewer acne!

4. Wash your face with towel and basin

Tips for getting rid of acne: it is best to wash your face with water in your hands, one by one, rather than with a basin, so that you can wash it clean. Don’t use towels either. Towels are often attached with many bacteria because they are wet. It’s better to use them less. It should be washed directly with facial cleanser and water, and then slightly dried with a clean paper towel.

5. Oily skin only controls oil but does not replenish water

Most of the acne muscles are oily skin, which is a veritable big oil field. For this reason, many acne muscles work hard to control oil, but do not do a good job in moisturizing. Little do they know that when the skin is dry, it will secrete more oil to protect the skin.

2、 Correct acne removing method

1. First time sedation and anti-inflammatory

Select products containing aloe vera, tea tree oil, witch hazel and other plant ingredients with anti-inflammatory, bactericidal and soothing effects, and apply a thick layer on acne. In this way, the inflammatory symptoms will be alleviated and the acne will become smaller. At the same time, topical ointment can also be used to eliminate inflammation of acne, but it is important not to use topical ointment containing hormones.

2. Clean thoroughly and pay attention to hygiene

To solve acne, the first thing is to give yourself a clean and well cleaned skin. This requires careful cleansing, makeup removal and thorough skin cleaning. In addition, pay attention to personal hygiene and do not leave bangs. In order to prevent the dust and oil contamination on the hair from worsening acne. Keep the habit of changing pillow towels and pillowcases every week or even every day. Pillow cases and sheets are the places where dirty things such as dead brains, dragonflies, dust and dandruff are most likely to accumulate. Moreover, long-term contact with the face is more likely to breed and multiply bacteria.

3. Honey acne

Honey has a good moisturizing and antibacterial function. Before going to bed, take a small amount of honey and put it on the acne area, and then paste it on Bondi to sleep beautifully. The next day, you will be surprised to find that the acne has shrunk.

Comments: honey can resist bacteria. Propolis has the best antibacterial effect, especially for oily or freckled skin. The moist touch of honey can also make the skin more smooth and delicate.

4. Apply purslane herb juice to your face

Acne removing principle: Purslane has a lot of effects. Besides being eaten as a vegetable, it can also be used as a traditional Chinese medicine. Purslane has a very good effect on relieving itching, clearing away heat and swelling, especially on some ulcers and blains.

usage method:

1. First of all, we need to clean our face, and then crush the fresh purslane and apply it directly to the place with acne, or apply it to our face after being mixed with honey from parents.

2. You can take it off in about 20 minutes. You can instantly feel your skin become cool and tight by washing your face with clean water.

5. White vinegar acne removing method

White vinegar + pure water. White vinegar: pure water = 1:3. After washing your face every morning and evening, gently pat the white vinegar on your face with your palm. Don’t use too much at a time, just a little. You can just keep your face moist. Occasionally, I can wash my face with this water. After a week’s persistence, the effect is achieved. The skin is very tender, there is not much acne, the acne scar is light, the skin does not produce oil, and the pores are reduced.

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