Ol in the workplace should have a degree of communication with male and female friends

In the journey of life, every woman will have several intimate friends who are as close as sisters, called “boudoirs”. However, with the increase of competitive pressure, women in the workplace are no longer satisfied with talking to the same sex. As a result, having a friend of the opposite sex and an alternative “male female friend” has become a new fashion for many working women to relieve pressure and talk, and has become popular.

white collar workers in the workplace: “you have no male or female friends, you are out!”

“Do you have a boy or girl? If you don’t have one, you’ll be out!”

Last week, Xiao Qiao, a college classmate who works in Shanghai, called and talked about her latest career life with great interest.

Xiao Qiao is a white-collar worker in a foreign company in Shanghai. She said that the female employees of their company are all looking for “male female friends” in fashion soap operas recently. “When you move, you can use it as a man, and when you talk, you can use it as a woman. When you encounter troubles and unhappiness, you can also take him shopping.”

Xiao Qiao also said that finding a “man’s best friend” has become the most fashionable way for some workplace MMS to decompress.

expert analysis: Talking helps women in the workplace to decompress

When the work pressure is high, it is easy to have emotional fluctuations, anxiety, impatience and other emotions, especially for working women. For a long time, it is also easy to induce physical and mental diseases.

Psychological experts point out that in the modern workplace, the scope of professional women’s work is getting wider and wider, and finding ways to cope is conducive to their own physical and mental health.

Psychological experts said: “from the perspective of psychology, women attach more importance to emotional communication and sharing in their values, so that their hearts can be satisfied.” Therefore, when women are under pressure, it can be very effective to talk to people they trust.

As for the fashionable way for working women to find “male girlfriends” to relieve pressure, the psychological expert said: “heterosexual friends are a kind of normal interpersonal communication. The popularity of male girlfriends also reflects the improvement of women’s trust in men.”

Psychological experts say that men think from a different angle than women. Men are more able to analyze and think from a rational perspective. Their abstract ability is stronger. Heterosexual communication can complement the shortcomings of gender roles.

reporter’s survey: most women in the workplace expect “male girlfriends”

“Do you have a girl friend?” “Would you like to find a man?” “What kind of man do you like to be your best friend?” The reporter posted a questionnaire in a female health QQ group, and 86 female netizens participated in the discussion and answered.

The netizen “Jia + Jia” said in her message that she has been married and a mother, but she has always had a very iron friend of the opposite sex since college. When encountering difficulties, they can come up with ideas together, which is much better than female friends.

From the survey results, many female friends are still looking forward to having a “boyfriend”. Most of the choices of boyfriends tend to be “Cai Kangyong style” and “Zhang Guorong style”. Men with a little feminization tendency are more popular with female friends.

expert reminder: when talking to the opposite sex, pay attention to the distance and grasp the degree

So, the most effective way for working women to talk is to find a friend of the opposite sex? The reporter found in the interview that many people also have doubts about “male girlfriends”. “Penny” questioned: “is there real friendship between men and women?”

In this regard, psychological experts say that sometimes it is necessary for the opposite sex to become girlfriends, but deliberately blurring their identity is not practical, and their motives may be complex, which can not be generalized. “If friends of the opposite sex confide in each other about more private topics, they will easily develop feelings over a long period of time. For married women, if they have pressure, they may as well choose to confide in their families and loved ones to avoid long-term contacts with friends of the opposite sex, which will affect family happiness.”

Psychological experts remind that unmarried women can adopt this kind of more alternative way of reducing stress, but it is best to target the single opposite sex. “Married women should pay attention to the boundary and grasp the degree.”

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