What kind of health code does love farting imply

Many people have asked, what’s the matter with farting? Farting is a normal physiological projection of people. When there are too many, people can’t help but suspect the reasons for farting. Some list the reasons why people love farting and the conditioning methods for farting too much for reference.

Why do people fart? Because the intestines are always moving, as long as the intestines move, there will be gas discharged from the anus and fart. Why is there gas in the digestive tract? This is because when people eat food, due to the effect of the normal flora of the digestive tract, more gas is produced. These gases move down with the intestinal peristalsis and are discharged from the anus. When excreting, due to the role of the anal sphincter, sometimes there is a sound, so farting is a manifestation of the normal operation of the intestinal tract.

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It may be related to eating too much starchy food, such as sweets, sweet potatoes, potatoes, etc. sold in the market. People who eat more pasta also fart more. This kind of food makes the intestinal cavity produce too much gas, leading to more farts and feces. At this time, we should reduce starch foods and increase protein and vegetable foods to achieve a balanced diet. If there are other symptoms, it needs to be treated with drugs according to the actual situation. If the stool character is normal, it does not need to be treated.

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The amount of fart is also related to the strength of human digestive function. When indigestion occurs, intestinal bacteria ferment quickly and easily produce gas to make people fart. In addition, ravenous eating, habitual swallowing, frequent swallowing of saliva, and intake of more air are all normal and do not require treatment. In addition, it can also be seen in dyspepsia caused by various reasons, gastritis, peptic ulcer and other stomach diseases, liver, bile and pancreatic diseases.

In addition, some people usually like to eat onions, ginger, raw garlic, potatoes, sweets, beans and pasta. Because these foods contain a matrix that can produce a large amount of hydrogen, carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide and other gases, they often have a large increase in exhaust gas and constantly fart after eating. The amount of fart is also related to the strength of people’s digestive function. When indigestion occurs, intestinal bacteria ferment quickly and easily produce gas to make people fart. A scientist found that a person farts about 14 times a day Every day, each person releases about 500 ml of exhaust gas. Although the fart smells bad, farting is a normal physiological need, which is beneficial to human health. One does not fart all day long, which is harmful to health. Those who never fart all year round are most likely to have gastrointestinal problems. Drinking a cup of yogurt every day will help change gastrointestinal bacteria.

There are many reasons why people always fart. The common ones are the above. The following methods to regulate the intestines and stomach prevent excessive farting:

1. Wash 1000-1500 grams of fresh lotus root, scald it with boiling water, mash it and take juice, rinse it with boiling water, and take it twice a day; Or use 500 grams of fresh lotus root and 50 grams of ginger, wash and chop them, use sterile gauze to wring the juice, and rinse them with boiling water.

2. 60g of Japonica Rice and 5g of fine Amomum villosum. Add water to the japonica rice and cook porridge. After it is cooked, add the Amomum villosum villosum, and then boil for 1-2 minutes. Take it in the morning and evening.

3. 100g fresh potatoes, 10g ginger, juice, add 30ml fresh orange juice, mix well, scald the cup in hot water, take 30ml daily.

4. 750 grams of corn cob, 6 grams of Phellodendron amurense, 6 grams of dried ginger, ground into fine powder, 3 times a day, 3 grams each time, served with warm boiled water. 5, 3 grams of green tea and dried ginger shreds, brewed in boiling water, covered and stewed for 30 minutes, and drank frequently instead of tea.

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