Annual whitening strategy: early spring whitening is the right time; annual whitening methods: early spring whitening is the right time

First of all, if you want to give your skin the most adequate whitening and maintenance, of course, you should first choose the whitening facial mask. What I teach you here is an effective and silver-saving self-made whitening facial mask. The ingredients are: 5 grams of tremella, Huang’s, Angelica dahurica, Poria cocos and polygonatum, then grind it into fine powder, mix it with 5 grams of flour and water. Apply it to the skin carefully and wash it off after 30 minutes. After use, it is found that the skin is moist and white, and becomes healthier in the faint fragrance of Chinese medicine. Whitening experts remind that after using the facial mask, you must quickly supplement whitening and maintenance products, and the first professional whitening product like xinsiyuan will be launched to keep the skin white and beautiful.

In addition, if you want your skin to be white and transparent from the inside out, food whitening is essential. Super whitening drinks such as honey lemon tea and yogurt papaya dew are both delicious and whitening. Experts also recommend eating more whitening foods such as peas, potatoes and radishes at ordinary times, which can whiten skin and eliminate wrinkles and toxins.

Skin care habits on weekdays are also important for whitening. As far as using whitening products is concerned, for example, the new Siyuan whitening advocates applying and massaging with your fingertips, pressing carefully, and then rubbing your hands to cover the whole face, which can make your skin absorb the whitening essence more effectively and comprehensively, and double the skin care effect.

There are also some whitening tips, such as adding about 10 drops of white vinegar to the washing water when washing your face, which can whiten and moisturize the skin and inhibit the secretion of oil. You can use two tablets of vitamin C (the cheapest one) soaked in water as spray, and your skin will become tender and white. Usually, we should drink more water, eat fresh vegetables and fruits, and keep more sleep. A healthy lifestyle can win fair, healthy and beautiful skin.

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