How much do you jump in a day

Many people say that rope skipping is more effective than running, fast walking and other sports. Some tests show that the calories consumed by continuous rope skipping for 10 minutes are equivalent to jogging for half an hour. Therefore, some people will use rope skipping as the main sports item in the weight loss plan. How much weight-loss skipping rope is suitable for a day? This is something that many friends who want to exercise to lose weight are more concerned about.

How much do you jump in a day

In fact, it is also necessary to consider personal exercise ability. It is generally recommended that you can jump 1000-2000 times every day, which can have a significant effect on weight loss. Of course, if an individual does not participate in rope skipping at all, it seems difficult and impossible to jump 1000-2000 times at a time. Therefore, it is still necessary to consider the personal situation. It is very good to reach the personal limit. Aerobic exercise can continue to practice for about half an hour, which can meet the demand of clocking in the day. Of course, the most important thing is to be persistent and not give up halfway.

Rope skipping is a very simple and interesting aerobic sport without being affected by the climate and the environment. As long as the physical conditions permit, it is suitable for all ages. Carry a small skipping rope with you. If you keep practicing as long as time permits, you will find that your body fat content is getting less and less, and your muscles become more elastic. However, after each rope skipping, you must do some stretching exercises for the body, which can make the muscle distribution more uniform and prevent the appearance of radish legs. Including warm-up exercises before rope skipping, you can reduce the injury to knee joints.

Therefore, how much is it appropriate to reduce fat and jump rope in a day? This should take into account the personal sports ability of the individual. At the beginning, the number must be obviously smaller, but it can be accumulated less. This is the best way to give the body room to adapt. Don’t challenge the limit at once. It is likely that the amount of exercise on the first day is too large, which leads to the inability to continue on the next day. As long as you keep practicing every day, and increase the number and time of each practice. In short, it can be sure that as long as we stick to skipping rope, we can really lose weight. We are very concerned about the posture, heart rate and time length when skipping rope. If we want to lose weight, we can rely on skipping rope, and then cooperate with the diet. We should not eat high calorie food, control the dietary intake and total calories, and then cooperate with skipping rope to greatly improve the weight loss efficiency.

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