Comfortable yoga music

1. Comfortable and pleasant Yoga Music – Sanskrit music

The melody is beautiful, gentle and pleasant to listen to. It is quiet, light, refined, elegant, and has a strong unique flavor. Its expression of emotion is irreplaceable by other music. Some of them are like dreams, listening to them as if they were in the clouds. They have a sense of leisure and contentment. They are suitable for meditation and cultivation, and have the effect of practicing Qi and fitness. Some of them have the meaning of seeing through the world of mortals, being indifferent to fame and wealth, and enjoying themselves.

2. Tea ceremony music of yoga music

Intoxicated with music, you will “enjoy music and tea” from various natural sound effects, and feel the delicate fragrance world of tea in terms of clarity, elegance, rhyme, purity, brightness, immortality, benefit and fragrance. The beautiful tea ballads show the mountains, rivers, human feelings and long fragrance of a tea town. A cup of tea, a touch of emotion, a song and a scene. Come on, feel a sense of leisure and enjoy the fragrance of tea.

The music is beautiful, delicate and gentle. It seems to bring people into the paradise they yearn for. It is so beautiful, happy, quiet, kind and peaceful.

3. Five element music of comfortable and pleasant yoga music

According to the theory of five tone therapy in Chinese medicine, it is made by using different modes and timbres to regulate the five internal organs of the human body and combining modern music therapy. It has the effects of treatment, health care and appreciation. Listening often can dispel diseases, strengthen health, and cultivate sentiments.

4. Meditation Music of yoga music

Relax your body and mind and stimulate your inner potential. Let the body and mind get the corresponding combination of heaven and man, quickly replenish new energy, and be full of confidence. Meditation music is a characteristic and promising form of modern music popular in many countries.

Guided by this kind of music and natural sound, those who receive music therapy relax all over the body, close their eyes and refresh themselves, as if returning to nature, and carry out psychological activities such as recollection and imagination according to their different life experiences, which can achieve the effects of comfort, physical strength, brain health and health preservation.

Meditation music is divided into three stages: introduction, meditation and awakening. In the introduction stage, under the guidance of music and the sound of nature, the body and mind gradually relax, eliminate distractions, breathe naturally, and gradually enter the meditation stage. In the meditation stage, the body and mind are completely relaxed, and the music and the sound of nature enter the wonderful realm of free imagination, which is hazy, like sleeping or falling asleep gently.

People who are not suitable for Yoga

1. Patients with cervical and lumbar diseases. If you practice some yoga movements, such as plough pose, it is easy to cause intervertebral disc herniation or the original condition is more serious.

2. After entering middle age, ligaments and joints degenerate, and muscles are relatively stiff. For those who do not have strong muscle protection and support and forcibly practice difficult yoga movements, it is undoubtedly a huge “challenge” to the already fragile cervical vertebrae and vertebrae, which is very easy to lead to muscle strain and vertebral dislocation. Unless you have been practicing yoga since you were young, your body is flexible.

3. Patients who have osteoporosis, especially women with severe osteoporosis. Due to the decrease of bone hardness and increase of brittleness, if you don’t pay attention to yoga, you may cause compression fractures or vertebral body fractures.

4. Patients with cardiovascular disease or obesity. If the action is intense, such as doing handstands, it is likely to increase the burden on the heart and cause discomfort.

How to practice yoga at home

Hold the back of the chair with both hands, and stretch your legs together. 2 inhale, raise your head, and contract your back muscles so that your back collapses downward as far as possible. Breathe naturally and hold for a few seconds. 3 exhale, hang your head, arch your back upward, and tighten your abdominal muscles. Breathe naturally and hold for a few seconds. 4 repeat five or six times.

Full locust pose: lying prone, with big and small legs at 90 degrees, pillows sandwiched between the lower legs. When inhaling, lift your upper body and legs as high as possible off the ground, and keep breathing for 4 times. Expiratory reduction.

Boat pose: lie on your back with your pillow on your shins. Inhale, lift your upper body and legs, and keep breathing for 4 times. Restore when exhaling (if you feel stressed, you can hold the edge of the pillow with both hands).

Upper leg extension: lie on your back with the pillow between your legs. Inhale, lift your legs up 45 degrees, and keep breathing for 4 times. Expiratory reduction.

Doing yoga at home does not need to be too complicated. Doing yoga has the effect of promoting intestinal peristalsis and preventing constipation. Moreover, Yoga also has the effect of breast enhancement, buttocks slimming, face slimming and leg slimming. There are movements everywhere you want to slim, so yoga at home is a good choice. It is also a good choice for maintenance and health preservation.

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