Can you surf without swimming

You can surf if you can’t swim, but it’s very dangerous. Surfing is a sport that uses waves as power and uses its superb skills and balance ability to fight waves.

Athletes stand on surfboards, or use webs, kneeling boards, inflatable rubber mats, rowing, kayaking and other water sports to control the waves. No matter what kind of equipment is used, athletes should have high skills and balance ability, and be good at long-distance swimming in the wind and waves. Therefore, to learn surfing, you must be good at long-distance swimming in the wind and waves.

The surfer lies prone or sits on the surfboard where there are suitable waves in the sea, and waits. When the appropriate waves gradually approach, the surfer adjusts the direction of the board head, lies prone on the surfboard, and paddles along the direction of the waves, giving the surfboard enough speed to keep the surfboard in front of the waves. When the waves push the surfboard to slide, the surfer stands up, stands naturally with his legs back and forth, and bends his knees slightly. By using the center of gravity of his body The shoulders and hind legs control the direction of the surfboard.

Surfing is the world’s top leisure sport. At the same time, surfing is also the extreme sport with the highest safety factor. Sports injury and other direct bodily injuries are almost zero. Why can I say that? Because there are strict standards for the quality control of surfboard manufacturing, which determines whether a surfboard can be called a surfboard; Other surf accessories such as foot rope and tail fin are reliable products from regular manufacturers. If you can correctly master the safety knowledge of surfing, the most you can do is to fall into the sea water, which is a fluid and will buffer your body without causing harm to your body.

What are the conditions for surfing?

First of all, you should have a heart of true love. Of course, you can also have a try, but at least, you should dare to try; Secondly, you should not be afraid of water. For those friends who can’t swim and feel dizzy when they see the sea, I suggest you overcome your fear of water before you start! I believe it won’t be difficult for you!

Finally, you should have no major diseases, such as your arm hurts so much that you can’t row, and your leg hurts so much that you can’t stand up. Please cherish your body! You should respect the coach’s knowledge, surfing etiquette and culture. If you are a “ronin” who likes to grab waves, throw garbage and despises environmentalism, then it is my pleasure to tell you that the surfing team does not welcome you!

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