Why are jealous women more favored by men

If you are obviously better than the boy you like, you can take a respectful form of self display in your communication, belittle yourself in front of him, expose your weaknesses, and belittle your achievements. Thereby creating proximity and intimacy.

secret weapon 1: weakness

Applicable time: at the beginning of love, whenever you need help.

Reason for use: boys like to be heroes. When giving help to girls, boys instantly feel heroic. From moving and lifting to financial assistance, as long as he feels useful in front of you and feels needed, he will suddenly feel proud.

He will love you more if he helps you. Only girls who need boys are attractive.

Tips for use: there are two tips for using this weapon. First, don’t give advice and command blindly, which will erase his manhood and make him resentful. Second, we should be grateful. No matter how small a favor he helps you, you should thank him, praise him, and regard him as a hero. Only in this way can you get more feelings from boys in the future.

Secret Weapon 2: let him act like a spoiled child

Applicable time: when boys encounter frustration and frustration.

Reason for use: heroes are also tired, and boys are also hard. Don’t let them bear too much pressure. Boys want someone to love him and take care of him instead of their mother. They all like the kind of girl who can let themselves act like spoiled girls in front of her. When a boy is frustrated, he needs protection with maternal color from you.

Tips for use: don’t laugh at a boy in difficulties and setbacks. At this time, he needs your affirmation most, and relies on your warmth to relax himself and rebuild confidence.

Secret Weapon 3: maintain a sense of mystery

Applicable time: the uncertain stage of the relationship between the two.

Reason for use: boys have strong curiosity. In the face of girls who are difficult to understand her inner thoughts and behavioral motives, this sense of mystery is attraction, which attracts them to explore and discover her secrets.

Boys are born with a desire to conquer. The more reserved, inexplicable and unmanageable you are, the more they will be fascinated. Don’t let boys think you are easy to get. There was a boy who complained about those girls who were always obedient. “Before I raised my gun, she fell down.” So, no matter how much you call him, you can’t be too impatient.

Key to use: keep a certain distance, then there is beauty. In order to finally conquer you and accompany you, boys will not only feel hard, but also feel happy.

Secret Weapon 4: give him a flexible space

Applicable time: Although the relationship is stable, it will lead to burnout over time.

Reason for use: there is a saying called “men need respect, women need attention”. The best respect for a boy is to give him a flexible space, so that he can freely breathe fresh air and exercise his skills. Boys are reluctant to be “bound” by love. They often call to ask their whereabouts, filter their friends and hobbies, etc… it’s like imprisoning them in a cage. Boys sometimes get tired of their feelings and want to “run away”.

Tips for use: smart girls should reduce their desire for control, let them go out for a relaxation, and do not treat boys as private property anytime and anywhere.

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