Five bad posture, losing temperament and hurting body

In life, we will have various expressions and postures, which also make up a colorful life. However, good posture can add self charm, and bad posture will not only reduce temperament, but also hurt people!

thinking and caring

It is often seen that some women like to hold their cheeks and think about various problems. The harm of doing this is to induce back pain, which is very harmful to the cervical spine. It is suggested that white-collar women get up and walk when they think about problems, or put their hands on the back of their necks and twist their necks to ensure blood circulation in the brain.

stand askew when wearing high heels

Wearing high-heeled shoes will be more tired. Many women like to tilt their weight to one side when standing, and then change to the other side when they are tired. If this happens for a long time, the stress on both sides of the lumbar spine will be uneven, resulting in low back pain. The correct posture should be that the legs are upright, the legs and abdomen are slightly tightened, the center of gravity is slightly forward, and the eyes are flat in front. If you need to stand for a long time, exchange your weight every 10 minutes with the action of “resting”.

bend and collapse in office

White collar workers sit in the office for a long time and lie down on the computer desk when they are tired. After a long time, they will become “shrimp” with chest and hunchback, affecting the beauty and laying hidden dangers for their health. The correct posture is to keep your head and neck upright, your body vertical to the ground, and you can lean back on the back chair.

curl up in the sofa watching TV

When many women watch TV, they like to curl up on the sofa and watch while eating with snacks. Unexpectedly, this posture is very harmful to the body, affects breathing and digestion, not only compresses internal organs, but also easily leads to lumbar muscle strain. It is recommended to choose a slightly higher and harder sofa. If the seat is too deep, put a cushion behind your waist.

walk lower your head and chest

The fast-paced life makes women hurry like the wind all day long, and they always lower their heads and rush forward when walking. In fact, lowering your head and holding your chest will affect your heart and lungs. It is recommended to look up when walking, and let the thighs drive the calves to adopt the “small trot”, which is beneficial to active cardiopulmonary function.

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