Farewell to bachelor 100% male hunting skill

When you walk in a corner of the city at a certain time, do you also hear the footsteps of love? In this romantic and charming season, do leftover women also want to have a romantic and sweet love? Know yourself and your enemy, be invincible in a hundred battles, understand the charm of men, and learn to let them bow to their knees obediently.

Beauties should cheer up. Don’t panic first. As long as you are not old enough, chances are still there. Take a look at the great skills of catching men in the 21st century to help you “catch” a good man and return home as soon as possible and become a happy bride.

first move:

find your goal

● target group: successful men. They are mature and stable, and their careers are booming. They are either rich or expensive – – if they are foreigners, they are even more likely to win the election. They are not foreign worshippers, just because Chinese women in their thirties are at most in their early twenties in the eyes of foreigners. The other party can be eight to fifteen years older than you. Their stable career allows them to enjoy life in leisure, care about art, and cultivate various elegant or arty hobbies.

They may have a short marriage history, and most of their ex-wives are vulgar and vain, and their husband and wife have no feelings, which will make them more considerate and love you. Even if they have a semi public female companion around them, it doesn’t matter. The world is becoming more and more tolerant, and the possibility to replace them is not without you. Seize the opportunity and control everything.

● recommended equipment: delicate makeup, sexy but not excessive clothes, eliminate the smell of dust, and show the seductive eyes with purity.

● suggested place of activity: high-end bar – better favored by foreigners, business party, various high-end, fashionable and artistic cocktail parties.

● target group: career oriented men, preferably those who have received some injuries. Although they also have careers, they are physically and mentally exhausted. They like beautiful women, but they feel too tired. When they are hit, you show up in time to let them feel that you care for them and are careful and considerate. You should always read the Medical Encyclopedia and the cooking guide.

For such girls, it is very important to have a house of your own. In your own territory, you can cook tea and wine, enjoy music and movies, wash your hands and make soup, fully showing your passion for life and your hidden tenderness.

● suggested equipment: Smash pots and sell iron, borrow less than half of your life, and you have to bite your teeth to buy your own humble home, and then decorate it according to IKEA’s style.

● suggested activity location: what’s more? Of course, it is necessary to find various opportunities to bring your ideal partner back to your room of your own.

second move:

“Prey” appears. How to make electricity to suck it into your magnetic field, let him know your existence, and successfully increase the impression score is the basic skill of catching men.

1. Beauty is indispensable

We can’t help screaming madly at the bottom of our hearts when we see a very man with six abdominal muscles. Similarly, how can a man resist an mm with an angel face and a devil figure? It can be seen that the most direct and effective way to attract men’s attention is to become bright.

Even if you are not a natural beauty, as long as you have the clever help of makeup technology and the matching of clothes, shoes and bags, “ugly women” can compete with Diao Chan! If your hair is as thick as steel wire, your mouth is full of sweat, and you have a circle of fat to protect your body, then quickly spend some money to have someone change your head and face. If you don’t have any concept of makeup and fashion, don’t change your image by yourself, or ask for the assistance of a special person.

2. Meet by chance from time to time

If you want him to pay attention to you, you must be seen by the other party first. If they are in the same office, whether it is the tea room, the Photocopying Room, the motor, etc., it is the best place to “meet” by chance. Observe the route he must pass every day, then quickly “ambush” at the scene, and then open the phone with “so coincident”, “Hi, bye” and “wait”, or pretend to be carrying water, paper and other menial tasks, so that the other party can take the initiative to help. Once you are born again, twice you are familiar with each other. If you touch him a few times, he will really think that you are predestined, and then he will start to pay attention to you.

3. From friend to lover

Although today’s women’s rights are rising, people shout that they should take the initiative to chase after a good man, for many mm, it takes more courage to say “I want to be your girlfriend” directly to the man they like! So let’s go step by step! Changing from friends to lovers is a common rule of love.

Talk about movies and travel with each other, try to find out topics of interest to each other, and avoid talking about the rights and wrongs of others or ex boyfriends at the beginning of acquaintance, or even “unfolding” your family affairs and worries together with your monthly affairs. It’s better to leave your heart to the next step of the relationship!

You must take the opportunity to firmly remember every word of the other party, and then inadvertently reveal in your daily conversation that you are very clear about his diet, interests and hobbies. How can he not be moved by your “friend”? However, don’t call each other brother, otherwise his reverie of your female friend will be completely interrupted.

the third move:

We must seize the opportunity to win the hearts of the other party and formally obtain the status of girlfriend.

1. Force hint

For a woman who has not yet received a man’s bold expression of love, she will only take action when she suggests from many aspects that you have a heart, when the other party sees that it is difficult to chase a woman, and determines that the success rate of expressing love is super high. As for the hinting method, it is nothing more than buying him some small gifts at festivals, coming to every appointment (every time he dresses carefully), and when telling his favorite male type, remember to include his characteristics. Don’t pretend to be reserved, so as not to make him “call the drums to call it quits” because he is asking for trouble.

2. Seize the opportunity to enter

People are emotional animals. They are most easily moved when their hearts are fragile. Men and women are alike. Therefore, whenever the target object is divorced, lovelorn, unemployed, frustrated and loses a pet, you must comfort yourself and say something like “I will support you no matter what” and “at least you still have me”; Or from time to time, he would send him short messages and phone calls to show his kindness. When he found that there was a guardian angel around him who attached so much importance to himself, how could he not surrender and offer his infatuation to him?

3. Charming upper body

A male friend reported that she was a female friend who had never lacked suitors. Her best skill in catching men was “charming upper body”. Whenever I see a friend of the opposite sex whose tie is crooked or whose mouth is stained with sauce during dinner, I will gently and closely fix his tie for him or wipe his mouth with a paper towel. The men will be corona immediately and have no power to fight back.

After the above three moves, getting rid of leftovers is just an easy thing. Leftover women, don’t you hurry up? You may be the next person to get married!

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