How can I have a white and delicate face? How can I have a white and delicate face

How can I have a white and delicate face? Many people don’t know how to effectively whiten. In fact, there are also exquisite ways to wash your face. What to wash your face with is even more mysterious. Today, let’s take a look at the specific methods so that you can also have white and tender skin.

Wash your face with milk

Milk is a magical dairy product. In addition to being nutritious to our body, it also has the effect of whitening and delicate skin, which can properly improve rough skin and make skin white, tender and smooth. Wash your face with milk and proper amount of water, and then thoroughly wash the milk on your face with water. This is very important, because if you do not thoroughly clean, you may leave milk on your face to block pores and form acne or fat particles.

Honey facial whitening

Honey can help our body to detoxify and moisturize and whiten the skin. When cleaning the face, first wash your face with warm water, then rub an appropriate amount of honey in the palm of your hand, then massage your face in circles, and then wash it after 10 minutes of massage. If you persist for a week, you can obviously see that your skin has become white and delicate.

Wash your face with hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide contains a high concentration of oxygen and has a very strong penetration ability. It can remove dirt on the face and enhance cell activity. Applying hydrogen peroxide to the face also has the effect of whitening the skin. After cleaning the face, apply 30% hydrogen peroxide to the face with a towel for 5 minutes each time, 1-2 times a day, and use it continuously for 7-10 days. The whitening effect will be better.

Regular exfoliation

Exfoliation is the premise of skin maintenance and whitening. If the cuticle on the face is too thick, it is difficult to absorb any good skin care product on the face. Therefore, it is necessary to exfoliate regularly, because it helps clean up the old and waste cuticles on the surface of the skin, so that you can effectively exfoliate and whiten.

Put on sunscreen before going out

Don’t think that you can only think of sunscreen when the sun is shining in summer. Sunscreen should be done all year round, because ultraviolet rays will damage the skin, especially pose a great threat to the skin’s yellowing and whitening. Therefore, girls who want to yellowing and whitening should apply sunscreen 20 minutes before going out, and the SPF value can be selected according to the sun of the day.

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