Hidden dangers revealed behind headache

Headache may be a problem that people can easily ignore. Here it should be worthy of everyone’s attention. It should reflect a woman’s physical condition in some way

Headache is a common disease that people often encounter. In life, people often have headaches, either because of excessive study pressure, or because of too much work pressure, or because of colds, or because of too much air conditioning… In short, this is a common disease, especially among women.

One day, if you feel unbearable headache, the first thing you think of must be something wrong with your head. You must want to use pain relief drugs to relieve the pain. However, in many cases, headache is caused by systemic diseases. Therefore, when headache occurs, you should not only suspect brain diseases, but also consider infectious diseases of all systems of the body, including respiratory system diseases, digestive system diseases, circulatory system diseases, systemic metabolic diseases, etc.

Therefore, when you feel headache, don’t underestimate it too much. You must rescue the secret killer behind it, otherwise, not only your headache will not be effectively treated, but also your health will be seriously endangered.

Common colds in respiratory diseases can cause headache. Emphysema, bronchiectasis, and pulmonary insufficiency are all common causes of headache. So, when you have a cold and a headache, don’t just think that it’s a simple headache or that it’s due to infection with respiratory diseases.

Digestive system diseases such as indigestion, intestinal parasites, acute and chronic gastroenteritis, ulcerative colitis and liver dysfunction can all cause headache. Because too many harmful substances, such as metabolites of bacteria and parasites, are accumulated in the intestine, these harmful substances can not be fully detoxified after being absorbed by the human body, resulting in self poisoning and headache.

Circulatory diseases such as hypertension, hypotension and heart function may not all cause headache. The change of blood pressure is an important cause of headache, and the change of differential pressure leads to vasomotor dysfunction; Acute and chronic cardiac insufficiency also causes headache, and intracranial venous congestion and hypoxia due to circulatory disorders.

Systemic metabolic diseases such as hypoxic headache, which is also known as high altitude headache, often occur in patients above 3000 meters above sea level and within 24 hours, accompanied by excessive breathing or dyspnea after activities. Oxygen inhalation can generally alleviate headache. Another example is hypoglycemic headache, which usually occurs when patients with diabetes and islet cell tumor inject too much insulin, and also occurs in people who fast too fast and diet too much to lose weight.

With the medical level in modern society and the continuous improvement of people’s self-care consciousness, people can’t “treat the headache and foot pain” as in the past. When they encounter pain, they just passively deal with it without fundamentally solving it. We should seek medical treatment in time, not blindly use drugs, and correctly deal with those diseases hidden behind headache.

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