I want to watch blockbusters in June, but there is still a set of health standards for watching movies. Did you make it

June is the last feast before the summer “domestic protection month”. Blockbusters such as “X-Men: Apocalypse”, “world of Warcraft” and “Independence Day II” are released. In addition, for many people, watching movies at home on weekends is also a very pleasant thing.

There are many kinds of movies, some people like excitement, watching horror movies and action movies will be more, while some people, who like warm and beautiful stories, are more inclined to watch love movies and comedies. Although it is said that watching movies depends entirely on one’s preferences, when it comes to the impact on health, it is inappropriate to watch more of these films:

category 1: war films / crime films

The medical school of the University of Maryland in the United States once conducted a study, which found that people watching war movies would have adverse effects on their heart health. In this study, the researchers asked the subjects to watch parts of the comedy “I’m crazy for Mary” and the particularly depressing parts at the beginning of the war movie “Saving Private Ryan” on the first day and the second day respectively. Through the comparison of the changes of the heart and blood vessels of the participants, the differences of the effects of different films on heart health were analyzed.

The results showed that when the participants watched comedies and war movies, their blood vessel diameters were 30% – 50% different, which directly led to the change of blood flow. In this regard, Dr. Michael Miller, the research leader, said that when participants watched war movies, their blood vessel walls would contract, which was harmful to health, and then the blood flow would be reduced, which was harmful to the heart.

When you watch more crime movies, some people will integrate those fictional stories into real life. One is that people who are suspicious are prone to psychological problems. The other is that they are prone to trigger criminal ideas and implement them, resulting in serious mistakes. Therefore, for our physical and mental health, we should watch more comedies and less war movies and crime movies.

category II: Horror / Thriller

Watching horror movies can produce visual pleasure, satisfy people’s curiosity, and enhance people’s psychological endurance to a certain extent. However, many psychologists believe that horror films do more harm than good to the human body. First of all, horror films can easily “scare” children. Because teenagers are not mature physically and mentally, they can’t tell the true from the false of certain things, so they are easy to be confused and misled by the plot described in the film, which will seriously lead to behavioral disorders, and this negative effect will accompany children as they grow up.

In addition, from a medical point of view, the pictures and music in horror movies will stimulate people’s vision and hearing strongly. This stimulation is transmitted to the human brain, which can lead to an increase in the secretion of a substance called catecholamine in the human body, increase the instability of the ECG, and easily make the human heart rate increase, respiration speed up, blood vessel contraction and blood pressure increase.

Especially for people with existing cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, watching horror movies with severe panic will induce angina pectoris, myocardial infarction, cerebrovascular rupture and even sudden death. Therefore, teenagers, people with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases such as hypertension and coronary heart disease, as well as people who are usually emotional and difficult to control themselves, are not suitable for watching horror movies.

the third category: pornographic / Erotic / tertiary / pornographic

Whether it is a pornographic film with a story line, a pornographic film that highlights the artistic flavor, or a pornographic film that purely shows sex, as long as it is full of a large number of sexual scenes, it is inappropriate to watch it often, otherwise it will damage your health. Especially for men, if it goes on like this, it may threaten their normal sexual life and even reduce their sexual desire.

① For non single men, it will reduce the sexual demand for their partners. You should know that generally, the female pig feet in such films are big chests, round hips and excellent figures. Watching too much will lead to psychological differences among male pot friends, less and less interest in their partners, and lead to emotional problems. Moreover, the content of such films may not conform to reality. One is that the men and women in the films have been popping for too long and have too much energy. Usually, most people’s sexual life can’t last that long, which will make men feel inferior. Second, the sexual process of some films conveys wrong or even distorted sexual concepts, such as SM and rape, which are not conducive to physical and mental health.

② For single men, first of all, watching such films often will make men overly dependent on masturbation. When masturbating, the pressure and friction on the penis is far greater than that of normal sex. Over time, men will be unable to give up such a sense of oppression, and may even be uninterested in normal sex. Moreover, the brain is frequently in a state of sexual excitement, and the male genitalia is repeatedly congested, which will eventually lead to reproductive diseases such as urethritis and prostatitis. In addition, if you watch too many pornographic films, your desire can’t be vented. If you are too depressed, you may have obscene thoughts when you see a woman walking, and you may not consciously do things that are condemnable.

In fact, watching occasionally may be conducive to the harmony of their sexual life, but it should not be too much. If a wife finds that her husband is addicted to it, such as watching it several times a day, which affects his normal life, work, interpersonal relations and husband wife relations, he is sick and abnormal, and needs to find ways to help him quit addiction.

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