How to effectively prevent sunscreen and freckle? How to effectively prevent sunscreen and freckle

In this hot summer, many women who love beauty have heard a message they do not want to accept: adverse reactions caused by misleading publicity and improper use of cosmetics are now quite common. Therefore, if you want to achieve real sunscreen and freckle removal in summer, please stay away from these harmful cosmetics.

The Ministry of Health recently reported the detection of adverse reactions caused by cosmetics in 2005. According to the report, some of the adverse reactions caused by cosmetics are difficult to recover or irreversible serious damages, especially some consumers who are misled by propaganda and lead to excessive “sunscreen and freckle removal”. According to the report, among the 1053 cases of adverse reactions caused by cosmetics, cosmetic contact dermatitis is the most common. Most of the adverse reactions caused by cosmetics are local and mild, but some are difficult to recover or irreversible serious damages. At the same time, women who love makeup also need to pay attention to: whitening and anti wrinkle cosmetics contain estrogen and should be used with caution. Among the special-purpose cosmetics that cause adverse reactions, sunscreen cosmetics have the largest number, with a total of 107; The second is freckle removal, with a total of 86.

Freckle removing tips:

Lemon and cucumber

Fight for 20 consecutive days every year. After washing your face, put on a few layers of lemon juice and cucumber juice, keep it for 40-50 minutes, then wash it off, and then apply skin care cream. The whitening effect is obvious.

1、 Do not wear perfume on your face:

When the part wearing perfume is exposed to sunlight, it will cause chemical changes, resulting in redness, swelling and tingling, and even dermatitis in serious cases.

According to dermatologists, normal skin is covered with a layer of sebaceous glands, which is easy to block pores and affect sweat glands and sebum after applying a thick layer of powder

The secretion and excretion of glands also affect the respiration of the skin.

2、 Do not use makeup to pluck eyebrows:

Eyebrow pulling with makeup will give people a bald look. From a medical point of view, eyebrow pulling will not only damage physiological functions, but also cause local infection due to the destruction of hair follicles and the stimulation of makeup paint.

Nowadays, when people walk in the streets, they will always meet many beautiful and well dressed women and young ladies. They always think that eyebrow drawing, Eyeliner drawing and lipstick will add their charm.

According to relevant ophthalmologists, there are four kinds of eye diseases, most of which are related to the irritation of foreign bodies in cosmetics to the eyes, so they are called “cosmetic eye diseases”.

The appearance of spots on the face naturally affects beauty, so many women embark on the journey of whitening and freckling, looking for various kinds of freckling elixirs. In fact, the ingredients of freckle removing cosmetics are different, and their safety is also different. Before shopping, we must understand clearly.

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