How to whiten and restore white skin? How to whiten and restore white skin

In hot summer, ultraviolet rays are everywhere, and it is still easy to tan after doing sunscreen work. Many girls are worried about how to whiten and restore white skin after sunburn. If you want to whiten after sunburn, let me teach you a few tricks.

Ice cooling

Ice has a very good repair effect on the skin after sunburn. Wrap the ice with a towel and apply it to your face, so that the cold of the ice can be quickly transferred to the hot skin after sunburn, reducing the temperature of the skin surface, which not only calms the skin, but also shrinks pores.

Replenish moisture for skin

Ultraviolet rays not only make you dark, but also cause your skin to be dry and lack of water. Therefore, the skin after sunburn must be hydrated. Only when the skin is hydrated can the metabolism of cells be regenerated quickly and melanin be metabolized as soon as possible. Therefore, before whitening, the hydration homework must be done well! After washing your face in the evening, spray it with a hydrating spray, and then apply a Hydrating Facial Mask. In summer, it is recommended to use gel like facial mask, which can not only refresh and moisturize but also calm and cool the skin. It is simply enjoyment! Remember to use moisturizing products to lock up skin moisture in the future!

Remove aged horniness

Many people will have this feeling after tanning. It seems that a thick stratum corneum has grown on the surface of their skin, which is dark yellow and rough. This is because the sun has caused the fusion of melanin and old horniness. To quickly whiten, you must regularly exfoliate. It should be noted that after exfoliation, don’t immediately apply whitening skin care products. First wipe a little hydrating lotion, and then pad and moisturize the new “exposed” horniness, In this way, the fragile skin will not be irritated, and then it can be taken care of normally.

Drink lemonade

In the fruit section of the supermarket, we can often see fresh lemons with yellow oranges. Lemon itself is a fruit with high nutritional and medicinal value. The vitamin C it contains is a good beauty product, which can prevent and eliminate skin pigmentation and play a great whitening role. We can buy fresh lemons in supermarkets, cut lemons into thin slices and soak them in water. It is best to use warm boiled water when soaking, which is conducive to preserving more nutrients in lemons.

Eat tomatoes

This is the best sunscreen food. Tomatoes are rich in antioxidant lycopene. Taking 16 mg of lycopene a day can reduce the risk factor of sunburn by 40%. Cooked tomatoes are better than raw ones. It is more effective to eat some potatoes or carrots at the same time β Carotene can effectively block UV.

Eat Kiwifruit

Kiwifruit is known as the king of fruits. It is rich in vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin E, and a large number of trace elements, which are indispensable to the microcirculation of the skin. In hot summer, eating kiwifruit in an appropriate amount can not only protect against sun, repair after sunburn, and remove sunburn, but also whiten the skin, keep the skin moist, ruddy, and shiny.

Milk whitening

Milk has a good whitening effect. In hot summer, put the milk in the refrigerator for cold storage, put a facial mask paper in the milk, apply it to your face for 10-15 minutes, wash it with washing water after taking it off, and apply toner and lotion. If you persist for a long time, you can make your skin white and even.

Strawberry and tomato Whitening Facial Mask

First, wash five strawberries and soak them in warm water for half an hour. After washing the tomatoes, soak them in hot water for 3 minutes, peel and remove the seeds. Put the tomatoes and strawberries into a blender, add 10ml of mineral water to break them, and take them out to form a facial mask. After washing your face, fumigate your face with hot air. Then apply facial mask, wash it off half an hour later, and finally apply lotion and night cream.

Whitening Essence

In addition to applying a facial mask at night, you should also apply a layer of whitening essence to repair after sunburn in summer. The whitening essence can strengthen the deep stratum corneum of the skin, effectively inhibit the generation of melanin, dilute the melanin that has been generated, and restore the skin to white and tender. Repairing and whitening after sunburn is not a matter of one or two days. To keep the skin white, the task of repairing and whitening must be done every day, Only in this way can you have white and tender skin.

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