Does banana facial mask have a good freckle removing effect? Does banana facial mask have a good freckle removing effect

I believe most women know about facial mask. Many women like to make facial mask for their skin in life. Different facial mask have completely different effects on the skin. Today, let’s talk about what facial mask can remove freckles?

Can banana facial mask achieve freckle removing effect?

Banana facial mask can achieve the effect of removing freckles. This facial mask has a strong moisturizing effect and makes the skin white and tender. At the same time, yogurt has the function of repairing after sunburn and sunburned skin. This banana facial mask can whiten the skin, inhibit the formation of melanin, dilute long-term color spots, and is suitable for use at home. It can repair calm skin. This facial mask is very mild and has no irritation to the skin.

The production steps of banana facial mask are as follows:

Suitable for skin type: especially suitable for dry or sensitive skin.

First crush a banana, then add milk or tea, gently stir it up and set it aside. After cleansing, evenly apply the banana facial mask directly on your face, and wait for 15-20 minutes to wash it with warm water. Long term use of banana facial mask can not only soften the skin, but also fade the melanin on the face. Reduce pigmentation, make skin moist and bright, especially suitable for going out or after exposure to the sun.


If you choose strong tea, you must cool it before using it. If cream is used instead of milk, it will work better. If you want to save time, you can use a blender to stir bananas, but it’s better to use them all at once. If it cannot be used up, it must be sealed in a glassware and refrigerated.

What is the most effective prescription for freckle removal?

1. Apple facial mask

Apple is a kind of fruit that is good for your health, and it is also a good medicine for freckling. After washing the apple, mash it into mud, then apply it on the face for 15 minutes, then wash it with warm water, and apply it within two days. If you persist for a month, you can see that your skin becomes moist and the spots become very light.

2. Potato facial mask

Potatoes can also remove freckles very well. Peel and mash potatoes into mud, and then apply them to your face. After about 20 minutes, wash them with clean water once every two days. If you persist in using them, you can desalt your face and whiten your skin.

3. Almond facial mask

Almond + egg white is a perfect match. First prepare 10g almonds, put them into egg powder, mix them with egg white, wash your face before going to bed, smear them on your face, wait about 20 minutes, wash with warm water, and persist for 20 days to see the effect.

If you have severe acne, freckles and chloasma, you can choose a suitable facial mask for skin repair. In addition, tomatoes are rich in vitamin C and other nutrients, known as the vitamin C bank. Vitamin C can effectively reduce the formation of melanin and make skin white and shiny.

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