Don’t eat staple food for dinner

Lu Guangxin, senior researcher of the Chinese Academy of traditional Chinese medicine and director of the expert advisory committee of the Institute of basic theory, although 87 years old, still has dark hair and a ringing voice. His health preservation can be summarized as follows:

Eat less. Eat less. Lu Lao’s three meal recipe is as follows: for breakfast, drink a large bowl of thick porridge, which can include grains, walnuts and peanuts, and then eat two tea eggs. Lunch is a small bowl of rice or a steamed bun with meat and vegetables. I never eat staple food for dinner.

Eat slowly. To eat calmly, only slowly can you taste it. Do not eat when you are angry, and do not eat when you are angry.

Chew more. Lu Lao’s breakfast porridge, which contains grains and miscellaneous grains, is “chewy”. He believes that the elderly should not drink too thin porridge. Even if their teeth are not good, they should also eat some “dry goods” such as rice and steamed bread, and chew more. By chewing more, the burden on the stomach can be greatly reduced.

Eat eggs. Eggs are rich in nutrients, and egg yolks are rich in lecithin, which has a good brain tonic effect.

Smoking and drinking are not taboo. Mr. Lu often drinks a can of beer. When the weather turns cold, I will iron a bowl of yellow rice wine or drink some wine. However, smoking and drinking are definitely not encouraged. Smoke a good cigarette. When only one person smokes, others give him no smoke. Drinking is also a person’s drinking, not compared with others.

Tap your teeth and swallow your saliva. Saliva is particularly important to the human body and can resist aging. It is called Jinjin Yuye in traditional Chinese medicine. Lu Lao supplements the kidney and nourishes the essence by tapping the teeth and swallowing the fluid.

I often do health exercises. Every day when you wake up, rub your hands hot and rub them on your face and behind your ears; Do the same for 10 minutes at night to make your body sweat slightly. This is physically and mentally comfortable and conducive to sleep.

“People grow old before their legs grow old”, Lu Lao has a simple “joint exercise”: hold the table with both hands, lean forward, stand on tiptoe, and then return to the ground. In this way, he repeatedly stands on tiptoe to let his body move up and down. The foot is the farthest place from the brain, and the blood circulation of the lower limbs is not good. Through tiptoe, the blood flow of the legs can be more smooth.

Tap the whole head with the belly of 10 fingers, from the front hairline to the back hairline. Repeatedly tap for 2 minutes, and then comb your hair with the belly of 10 fingers for 2 minutes, which is also from the front hairline to the back hairline. There are many meridians and collaterals on the head, and regular tapping and massage with your finger belly can play a role in health care.

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