Is there a unique way to whiten your dark yellow face with homemade facial mask? Your face is dark yellow. You can make your own facial mask according to the type. There are unique ways to whiten

Whitening is the happiness that women tirelessly pursue all their lives. I believe no one will not allow themselves to be whiter. So how can we completely eliminate the yellow gas? Clean up the aging cells accumulated on the surface of the skin, and pay attention to exfoliating the aging dark yellow skin. Promote metabolism and whiten skin. At the same time, it supplements some collagen, promotes the regeneration of skin cells, improves the nutritional composition of skin, makes skin rich and plump, and improves dryness.

What is the reason for your dark yellow face? Why do I use a lot of whitening products, but my skin is still dark and there is always a yellow breath that can’t fade. I’m super depressed! Why is this so? The human skin metabolizes the stratum corneum every day, but after the circulation is obstructed, the metabolism of the stratum corneum also becomes obstructed, so metabolic deposits are formed on the skin. After a long time, the skin will have no permeability and no luster. Even after a long time, dead skin will form on the stratum corneum, which looks like a fast yellow skin.

[dark yellow skin type]

1、 Aging dark yellow

The human body ages from time to time as time goes on. Especially for women after the age of 30, their metabolism is slow, hormones are out of balance, and their facial skin is obviously yellowish and dry..

2、 Dry dark yellow

Not only does the lack of water in the cells lose vitality, but dry skin will lead to the decline of the regulatory function of the stratum corneum. The defense ability of the surface skin will also be weakened, and it has no ability to fight back against external comforts such as sunlight and pollution. Under the internal and external effects, the skin will become dark and yellow. This type of dark yellow skin needs to be hydrated in time. At the same time, in order to strengthen the oil protective film of the skin, it also needs to be hydrated and properly supplemented with oil.

3、 Stay up dark yellow

It leads to skin fatigue, and people who stay up late suffer from irregular life and excessive pressure. Dark complexion. I thought that after staying up late and sleeping a day, I could make up for my whitened skin. In fact, it was not the case. The temporary stay up state will gradually accumulate hidden dangers. When all problems accumulate to an extremely full state, more skin problems will be triggered, and whitening will be isolated from you from now on.

4、 Sun type dark yellow

This kind of sun exposed dark yellow skin should pay attention to sunscreen, and skin darkening and yellowing are actually the expression of skin self-maintenance. Strengthening the skin’s defense ability and reducing the formation of melanin can effectively whiten and beautify the skin.

Whitening method:

Formula 1: rice job’s tears Whitening Facial Mask

Raw materials: 15g rice, 15g job’s tears, 2 drops of lemon juice, proper amount of purified water

Manufacturing steps:

Step 1. Wash the rice and job’s tears and grind them into very fine powder;

Step 2. Pour it into the facial mask bowl together with lemon juice and purified water;

Step 3. Next, fully stir with a mixing chopstick to make a paste that is moderately thin and easy to apply;

Step 3. After cleansing, first apply a hot towel to your face for 3 minutes, then evenly smear the facial mask on your face, and wash with water after 15-20 minutes.

Tip: the facial mask of rice and barley seed can replenish moisture, whiten and brighten the skin. Suitable for all types of skin, use 2-3 times a week. It should be noted that lemon juice should not be added to sensitive skin.

Type 2: papaya Whitening Facial Mask

Raw materials: papaya 100g

Manufacturing steps:

Step 1. Wash the papaya, remove the seeds and skin, cut it into small pieces, put it into the juicer, add a little water, and stir it into a mud for standby;

Step 2. After cleansing, evenly apply the facial mask on your face, away from the eyes and lips, and wash with clean water after 15-20 minutes.

Tip: stick to it twice a week, and the effect is remarkable. It can promote skin metabolism, inhibit the formation of melanin, and make skin clear, white, moist and delicate.

Formula 3: Job’s tears and Lily Whitening Facial Mask

Raw materials: 30g job’s tears and 20g dried lily

Manufacturing steps:

Step 1. Wash the job’s tears and Lily separately, and break the lily into petals;

Step 2. Put job’s tears and Lily into the pot together, add a proper amount of water to cook, turn off the fire and let cool until it is sticky;

Step 3. After cleansing, apply an appropriate amount of facial mask evenly on your face, and wash it with warm water after about 15 minutes.

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