The acne removing tips of pure sister Zhou Dongyu the acne removing methods of pure sister Zhou Dongyu

Although stars have good skin, stars are ordinary people, and they also have acne. So, star acne should be removed. Are there any tips for removing acne? Today, let’s share Zhou Dongyu’s acne removing tips.

The previous hit film “love under the Hawthorn Tree” made Zhou Dongyu popular, and made her enter the public’s vision. Zhou Dongyu won the love of many audiences with his pure appearance, but Zhou Dongyu, who was in his youth, also suffered from acne. Next, let’s gossip about how Zhou Dongyu dispels acne.

1. Supplement water reasonably

The skin needs sufficient moisture to maintain good condition. Most of the reasons for acne in adolescence are endocrine disorders or the inability to discharge toxins in the body. The best way to detoxify and beautify is to drink more water. Zhou Dongyu’s little trick to dispel acne is that a large glass of boiled water every morning and evening can help promote the metabolism of the body. It is difficult for skin that discharges toxins to grow acne!

2. Make up must be thoroughly removed

After becoming famous, Zhou Dongyu will inevitably attend some important activities and endorse some products. It is also necessary to gradually accept the damage of makeup to their skin. She also has corresponding protective measures. Because the residual makeup will have adverse effects on the skin and may lead to acne, she advocates that makeup removal must be thorough! No matter how tired the work is, Zhou Dongyu will insist on removing her makeup.

3. Pure natural plant skin care concept

Acne is her main skin problem. Her anti acne method is very natural. She usually uses plant-based products or mild and non irritating makeup. She has always adhered to the concept of natural plant-based skin care, which also makes her naturally beautiful skin receive meticulous care.

4. Don’t eat spicy food

Zhou Dongyu said that life in the entertainment industry is very irregular. No matter how good her skin is, it is inevitable that she will have acne in her bloom. Therefore, we should pay attention to our daily diet. Zhou Dongyu’s trick to dispel acne is to never eat spicy and stimulating food.

After reading the acne removing tips of Zhou Dongyu, a pure sister, have you found a way to deal with acne? The above acne removing tips are quite awesome, you can try them.

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