Four whitening rules give you ceramic white muscle, and four whitening rules give you ceramic white muscle

Complete sets of whitening products are more popular

If you like the serialization of maintenance steps, have a special liking for a series of products of a brand, and have a full purse, of course, it is better to choose a series of supporting products. Whitening products can dilute spots and reduce melanin, which is very obvious for sunburn or acne that has just formed. However, light spots are not equal to removing spots. For melanin cell clustering or pigment problems with too deep depth, the role of whitening products is very small. At this time, we must rely on medical beauty laser therapy equipment and use whitening maintenance products.

Washing and whitening is not a dream

Choosing a facial cleanser containing fat soluble vitamin C can also play a whitening effect. When washing and cleaning your face, it’s like doing a luxury spa, which makes the whitening products absorb better and opens the door to whitening. A cleansing product that can clean and whiten at the same time has won our favor!

Deep water replenishment to restore whiteness

After using make-up lotion, most people will use hydrating essence to lock in skin moisture and give skin a deep hydration. Here we suggest that when you use essence or essence milk, you can gently massage with your fingertips and pat it until it is completely absorbed. It takes about one minute. It can be seen that its molecules are very fine, so it can quickly penetrate into the bottom of the skin, stimulate melanin, activate cells, accelerate metabolism, whiten the skin, and replenish the water lost by the skin.

Clean pores and make the whitening essence penetrate more easily

If you want to whiten, you should clear the pores. Do a deep-seated cleaning facial mask once a week. It will not only let your pores breathe, but also avoid acne formation. Especially in summer, it can absorb too much oil, relax your pores, and make your follow-up care products absorb it better!

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