How to use electric heater safely in winter

Infrared electric heater

It uses infrared radiation to achieve the purpose of heating, and the price is relatively cheap. However, it has obvious characteristics such as large power consumption, short service life and dazzling red light of heat pipe. Keep away from inflammable and explosive dangerous goods and chemicals, do not bake clothes on the machine body, and turn off the power when sleeping or when there is no one in the room. As this machine is easy to cause fire, it should not be used in warehouses where materials are stacked or collective entertainment places.

PTC electric heater

It uses PTC ceramic heating elements to dissipate heat to achieve heating effect. This kind of heater heats up quickly and makes people feel comfortable. Users should keep the environment clean. Generally, the filter screen at the air inlet should be cleaned once every half a month. If the air inlet is not smooth, it is easy to damage the electric heater. Therefore, PTC electric heaters are not suitable for use in places with dirty and dusty environments.

Hot oil heater

The interior of the electric heater is filled with heat-conducting oil, and the electric heating element transfers heat to the hot oil cement wall through the heat-conducting oil, and then dissipates heat. It is safer to use, but it can not be used upside down or block the cooling hole. If you need to bake clothes, you should choose a model with a clothes rack or make another clothes rack, which can not be directly baked.

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