Pillow hygiene should not be underestimated. Various pillow cleaning methods

Sleeping in a soft pillow is the most comfortable thing, but do you know? There are thousands of bacteria in the pillow, and some may cause asthma! Human beings can’t live without sleep, and sleep can’t live without a pillow. A pillow can be said to be a companion for the longest time. Choosing a suitable pillow that conforms to the physiological characteristics of the human body is not only good for the cervical spine, the physiological bending of the entire spine and the paraspinal muscles, but also can ensure high-quality sleep, which is related to the quality of the other 2 / 3 of life time; On the contrary, not only the quality of sleep will be greatly reduced, but also mental health will be affected.

According to medical experts, there are tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of bacteria in the hair of ordinary people. When we sleep, the dust and bacteria in our hair are stuck on the pillow towel, and the dust is a fertile soil for mites. Whether lying on your back or on your side, dust or bacteria on the pillow towel will be inhaled into your nose and mouth, which directly endangers people’s health. In addition, the saliva and sweat we leave inadvertently when we sleep will permeate into the pillow, breed bacteria, and cause skin allergy and physical diseases. Therefore, according to the needs of hygiene, the pillow needs to be cleaned every 3-6 months.

Many people may change their pillows only once every three or four years. In fact, old and dirty pillows are prone to mold and mites, which can cause allergies or respiratory diseases and damage their health.

The shape, size, material, height, hardness and sleeping posture of pillows will have a great impact on people’s health. Therefore, it is particularly important to choose a pillow that is comfortable and healthy for you. In short, only by choosing the right pillow, using the right pillow, and maintaining the pillow correctly can we ensure a comfortable sleep and truly worry free pillow.

People often wash pillowcases regularly, but seldom wash pillows. Because most people think that pillowcases are enough to protect pillows, as long as they are cleaned on time, they can ensure the cleanness and hygiene of pillows. What a wrong idea this is! Because only by cleaning the pillow towels and pillowcases on the outside, the symptoms are not the root causes, and the filthy smell in the pillow can not be removed. Some pillows are clean in appearance, but there is a faint smell on them, which is why they don’t often dry their pillows. Some pillows filled with cotton wadding, herbs, bean shells and other plant materials are easy to absorb sweat, and some insects will lay their eggs in pillows stained with sweat. They all use the breeding of bacteria and viruses to reproduce, and provide a transmission route for some infectious diseases. Experts pointed out that the growth cycle of mold is two weeks. In order to prevent mold from settling down on the pillow, the pillow core is exposed to the sun every two weeks. This can not only promote health, but also improve the quality of sleep.

In addition, it is very important to keep the pillow towel clean regularly to protect yourself and benefit others. Washing your hair often is a good way to keep your pillow towels clean, but it is more important to change and wash our pillow towels often. It is not necessary to wash them every day. It is still possible to wash them twice a week.

1. Chemical fiber pillow is a kind of pillow made of ordinary man-made fiber. Because the chemical fiber material is not very breathable, it is easy to deform and agglomerate after a long time, lacking elasticity, and the pillow presents an uneven state.

Cleaning method: hand wash or machine wash, but choose mild detergent. It is better to add a towel to wash with the machine to balance the water flow. Drying it after washing will help the pillow recover its elasticity and make it soft and fluffy.

2. The latex pillow has good elasticity, is not easy to deform, and has strong support. It is reported that latex can change the shape of the head for children whose bones are developing, and there will be no dust, fiber and other allergens that cause respiratory tract allergy. Some latex pillows can also massage and promote blood circulation.

Cleaning method: soak in cold water with detergent, gently press the pillow until it is cleaned, and squeeze out the excess washing liquid. After that, rinse repeatedly with clean water until it is rinsed clean.

3. The down pillow has a better fluffy degree, which can provide better support for the head, and will not deform due to long use. And down has the advantages of light, breathable and non stuffy.

Cleaning method: down is very easy to ball when it meets water, so this pillow can’t be washed in the water. Regularly pat the pillow with your hand to keep it fluffy, and take it to a ventilated place to blow to remove sweat and water vapor. They can also be sent to dry cleaners for cleaning.

4. Other types of pillows mainly include tea pillows, activated carbon pillows, bamboo charcoal pillows, rice stone pillows, etc.

Cleaning method: the health pillow can not be washed by water, and washing will lose its efficacy. The correct way is to pat the pillow to restore its original shape, and put it in a ventilated place to avoid exposure to the sun.

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